Fight Announcement – Rafael dos Anjos vs Tony Ferguson

It’s been announced that Rafael dos Anjos will begin his redemption against Tony Ferguson at The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America Season 3 Finale. Former Lightweight champion, dos Anjos was on a roll, winning five straight. This included wins against Nate Diaz, “Cowboy” Cerrone, Benson Henderson and of course former champion, Anthony Pettis. Generally speaking, dos Anjos was looking […]

International Fight Week

Hi Guys & Girls So, Shark Week has come to a close. Boooooooooooo! Shark Week is of course a dream for shark fans like me. My favourite moment is probably the crazy dude trying to keep a swarm of Great White Sharks out of his cage with its flimsy broken door. But alas, as one […]

Are You TUF Enough?

Hi Guys & Girls, If you have been a long time reader here, you will know I’m a big fan of The Ultimate Fighter. TUF is the UFC’S reality show with fights included.  The goal for the fighters is to win several “exhibition” fights to get to the finale. Once they are at the finale […]

The Spirit is Willing

Hi Guys & Girls, Yay! I’m finally back on my self imposed schedule. I owe it all to being prepared. I finished posting Sunday’s and started work on this one immediately. Hopefully a sign of things to come! In August 2006, Matt Serra was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter season 4, titled “The Comeback”. […]

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Hi Guys & Girls, I really feel I have pushed the limits on my weight training this week. Just when I felt like I couldn’t do another set, I pushed through and found the resolve to do it. Nothing was safe, legs, back arms, shoulders and chest all took a beating this week. As an […]

Caged Animal

Hi Guys & Girls, There hasn’t been a lot going on in the way of fitness for me so far this week. So as the fitness has been lacking this one will be short and sweet today, I’m afraid. So far, this week has been mostly hospital appointments (one on Sunday and one yesterday) and […]

The Ultimate Sex And The City Fighter

Hi Guys & Girls, So today is my Judo grading day. Yay!!!! Nervous, on edge, excited and so much going through my head. I have spent the majority of Saturday researching the Japanese phrases in the syllabus and my wife has been testing me, which I love ’cause it means she gets involved and is […]