UFC 201 – Results

Another event in the books. UFC 201 has now past and leaves us with some interesting title permutations… Cesar Arzamendia vs Damien Brown Arzamendia started the fight with someflashy moves. Ultimately though Brown hits a big right hand, Arzamendia hits the deck and Brown secures the victory. Michael Graves vs Bojan Velickovic Fans booed this […]


Invicta 18 Results – Undefeated Streaks Remain Intact

As always the ladies of Invicta brought the pain. It was a night of dominance, nasty injuries and blood… so, lets kick off the review of Invicta 18… Sijara Eubanks vs Amberlynn Orr I think it is safe to assume that “Alo” fully expected her pro debut to go a lot differently. Unfortunately for her […]