The Making of the Diaz Brothers

On this day in 1983, Nicholas Robert Diaz was born… incidentally, Happy Birthday Nick! Less than 2 years later, his brother, Nathan Donald Diaz was born. Both of these men have (most of) the MMA world at their feet, so lets take a walk down memory lane… Early Years To understand the Diaz brothers, you […]

The Spirit is Willing

Hi Guys & Girls, Yay! I’m finally back on my self imposed schedule. I owe it all to being prepared. I finished posting Sunday’s and started work on this one immediately. Hopefully a sign of things to come! In August 2006, Matt Serra was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter season 4, titled “The Comeback”. […]

6 Weeks of 21

Guys & Girls, On Wednesday, one of my colleagues (the one who is leaving) said he has been doing 21’s on his arm days and that it’s a killer. I’ve personally never done them before and so he challenged me to do them. Coincidentally, Wednesday was arm day! So challenge accepted, my friend. For anyone […]