Quarantined Automatron

Hi Guys and Girls, The last few days have been interesting. I’ve been signed off work due to illnesses and my kids still are ill too. It’s like quarantine here! When I first started doing writing and ultimately interviews for FeelTheTip Sports, I drew up a list in my head of fighters that I really […]

Anabolic Failure

Hi Guys & Girls, Another week, another PED (performance enhancing drugs) using MMA fighter busted. I almost felt like putting SMH (shaking my head), but I think I loathe myself enough without resorting to that level. I genuinely cannot believe how many of them, seem to be using. Either the standards of testing previously were […]

Diaz Gonna Diaz

Hi Guys & Girls, Yay! I’m in a good mood, so lets start MMA. The Nevada State Athletic Commission have settled with Nick Diaz. He is now free to fight from August 1st onwards. There is a small matter of a payout to them, and whilst that upsets me, (boo!) let’s try and keep the […]

Have I Been Wrong Yet? No

Hi Guys & Girls, Feeling very opinionated today, so let’s start with my first love (other than family) MMA and work on from there! I’m gonna start with a somewhat controversial first topic, the UFC and Reebok’s sponsorship. When it was first announced to the public that Reebok would have exclusivity for UFC events, I […]

Controversially Illiterate

Hi Guys & Girls, Let’s start with MMA this week. I said I would rewatch UFC 195 and I did. I’m afraid I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon. Carlos Condit won the fight in my opinion, I gave Round 1 to Condit. 2 to Lawler. 4 to Condit and 5 to Lawler. […]