Leave Out All the Rest

Hi Guys & Girls, In 2008 during their Minutes to Midnight tour, I had tickets to go and see a Linkin Park gig. Unfortunately my stomach instead decided I would spend two nights in hospital and miss the gig. Bloody stomach! Grrr! Sadly, I never got another opportunity to go see them. As usual there […]


Catastrophic Loss & Recovery

Hi Guys & Girls, August 5th. That was the last time I wrote anything for this site. Its funny ’cause nothing much has changed since then but at the same time, everything has.  In the past I’ve been in blogger twitter chats that discuss whether you sugar coat posts, I always said I did because […]

Tattoos & Career Change?

Hi Guys & Girls, So I read my coaches blog recently and he seems like a much more exciting guy than me! Other than Judo we also have the fact that we are both heavily tattooed in common. He said that one of the things he is often asked is about the meaning behind some […]