Great White Shark on Shark Week

Hi Guys & Girls, I was late with my last blog post, breaking my streak of two in row. I have to admit I was disappointed in myself. Yet I have repeated the offence this time, by not being prepared in advance! As my wife is sat beside me doing her nail practice, now seems […]

Pandemic Migration

Hi Guys & Girls, It’s been a difficult broken up kind if week, we are still plagued by illness and injury. Like Celine Dion, “I believe that the heart (or show) must go on.” This week, a fighter called it quits and hung up his gloves. No big deal, right? No, I’m not talking about […]

Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Hi Guys & Girls, Another interesting week in which illness has returned for my kids, sleep has disappeared for me and my boy has turned 3. Wow! Still can’t believe he’s there already. Lets start as In February, Conor McGregor stated he would “set the game ablaze and then walk away”. He has now announced […]


Hi Guys & Girls, So it’s been a tough period, lack of sleep, coupled with a return to work after illness and an overtime shift. All in all I am quite exhausted… Nevertheless the show must go on, so lets start with MMA as has become customary. For weeks, I have said that April (from […]

Mr Ambassador

Hi Guys & Girls, This week has been filled with illness, my daughter had her second set of injections and I have been quite ill myself, because of that I have struggled to find motivation to write. Here we are though, a new blog post finally! Let’s start with the customary MMA section, UFC Brisbane […]

Return of the Grind?

Hi Guys & Girls, It’s been a strange week, I’ve been blocked by two random people (that I know of) on Twitter. So, I seem to have my first haters! Yay! Let’s move on to MMA, at UFC 196, Miesha Tate defeated Holly Holm and became the new Women’s Bantamweight champion. So who deserves the […]


Hi Guys & Girls, This week has been a tough one. I’ve been ill and so, so tired. So tired in fact that I missed my first blog post without warning anyone. Oops. I’m sorry guys, I will be better! After missing the post there were birthday preparations, the birthday party and indeed Mothers Day […]

Suicide Squad

Hi Guys & Girls, This week saw the press conference for UFC 197. Of course, it became “The Conor Show”, with ridiculous comments about being a 3 weight champion by the end of the year, with him planning on going up to 170lb and facing Robbie Lawler, assuming he is still champion. Even by McGregor’s […]

Have I Been Wrong Yet? No

Hi Guys & Girls, Feeling very opinionated today, so let’s start with my first love (other than family) MMA and work on from there! I’m gonna start with a somewhat controversial first topic, the UFC and Reebok’s sponsorship. When it was first announced to the public that Reebok would have exclusivity for UFC events, I […]

Controversially Illiterate

Hi Guys & Girls, Let’s start with MMA this week. I said I would rewatch UFC 195 and I did. I’m afraid I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon. Carlos Condit won the fight in my opinion, I gave Round 1 to Condit. 2 to Lawler. 4 to Condit and 5 to Lawler. […]