You Kick The Bucket & I’ll Swing My Legs

Hi Guys & Girls,

Hopefully, by now you know it’s Shark Week. I love Shark Week. It’s genuinely some of my favourite TV to watch. With working, writing, working out, spending time with the family and sleeping, I haven’t been able to watch as much as I’d like to. 

One of the programmes I watched (I forgot the name – sue me! I was tired and falling asleep after a long day), that really piqued my interest, was about Great White Sharks. Quelle Surprise!

Anyway, these scientists were trying to study a particular area to see if it was a Great White mating ground. So, with the help of their trusty camera they set off to the possible breeding ground. After deploying the camera, something “big” attacked it causing the camera to stop working.

So, they decided to get out the perspex cage and descend to the depths. My initial thought was “lucky so and so’s”.

One of my bucket list goals is to see a Great White Shark up close and personal. The reality is, in the UK we do not have any public aquariums that are any where close to the size required to house a creature as large as the Great White. 

So, if I want to go see one, I’m gonna have to get in the cage or the perspex cage. Anyway, back to the Shark Week programme. The dude descended in the cage and it quickly became apparent that the door lock was broken. 

It also became apparent that this was indeed a breeding ground. Several White Shark’s circled the Ghost Cage to try and figure what was going on. The sharks then decided that they didn’t want this gentleman near their breeding ground and tried to attack. Leaving this one guy trying to hold a broken flimsy door against the onslaught of a Great White Shark.

“It was at this point he knew he fucked up!”

To cut the story short, the dude managed to keep the door closed (though he did have to tap one shark on the nose) and then guys on the boat fashioned a rudimentary lock. Then the sharks disappear, usually a precursor to something big coming.

All of a sudden this huge freight train of a shark appears. They measured her in at just over 20 foot long. She was heavily pregnant and is one of the biggest creatures these scientists had seen.

Watching this unfold, I realised that I could be that dude trying desperately to hold a door closed. I am a strong advocate of don’t walk up to a lion and won’t get mauled, yet I still want to go see one of these magnificent creatures up close. I must be insane!

If you are a tour guide and want to make a dream come true whilst simultaneously terrifying someone, hit me up! I promise not to eat for a few days beforehand to ensure I don’t unleash a small sewage plant!

What’s on your bucket list? And does it terrify you like mine?

Carpe Diem Guys

2 thoughts on “You Kick The Bucket & I’ll Swing My Legs

  1. I would be terrified of not only seeing a shark up close but being under water (I know you’ll have a tank but fear or drowning!)

    My bucket list is more travel based. Maybe going on a safari would be cool!

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      I know what you mean. I’m gonna be terrified if and when I finally do it!

      A safari sounds awesome. Which creature would you most like to see?

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