The Akward Truths Of Parenting A Threenager

Hi Guys and Girls,

Being a parent is a very hard job. Especially when you have two of them and one is a threenager. My boy is going through a stage which all kids do… “No”. Genuinely irritating. With that in mind, here are some of my biggest irritations with parenting…

1. Swearing

I have atrocious language. I used to joke that I have voluntary tourettes. I do think it’s big and I do think it’s clever to swear. That changes when you realise your child copies what you say! The last thing I want, is CJ to go to school and call his teacher a rude name then blame Daddy. 

CJ: “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Me: “Trying to fit this fucking car seat”

CJ: “Fucking car seat?”

That was a genuine conversation we had when I was trying (and failing) to fit his new car seat. All of a sudden, my swearing has become a burden.

2. Smoking

Firstly, though I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, I have zero problem with anyone doing so…

Unless you choose to do it in a Parent and Toddler area of a car park. It grinds my gears!

I appreciate you have an addiction (I have one to soda and have struggled to quit). I also appreciate that for some reason, the UK government have banned people from smoking in their own cars if they have a child with them, which is quite frankly ridiculous to me (especially if the parent then smokes when they get home). But can you really not move a hundred yards away from where other people’s children are before lighting up?

3. Bed Times!

CJ: “Not bed time yet daddy”.

Me: “Yes it is, it’s nearly 9pm”.

Is there anything more irritating than the grind and battle of the toddler (and 6 month old) who refuse to sleep?

I love my kids. Outside of my wife, they are my main reason for living. When I sit at work clock watching, I cannot wait to walk through the front door and see my daughter and son who are genuinely excited to see me.

But bed times? Grrrrrr… both my kids get to a certain point (as I’m sure all do) and then turn into Darth CJ and Darth CE from the dark side.

Being a Father is a blessing and I genuinely enjoy every moment. Even the tantrums because it shows my children have determination, dedication and the ability to display emotions. Realistically, no one is “stable”. We all lose our shit sometimes and children are no different but what is parenting if you can’t poke fun at the bad bits, every once in a while? I’m sure my kids will be moaning to their therapists about me in years to come!

As a parent what are your biggest irritations?

Carpe Diem Guys 

4 thoughts on “The Akward Truths Of Parenting A Threenager

  1. I’m with you on the swearing my son told a fly to “piss off” the other I couldn’t help but laugh then remind him he shouldn’t say that word until he is at least 16.

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