The Akward Truths of Parenting A Threenager – Part 2

Hi Guys and Girls… one of my favourite recent posts was my Akward Truths of Parenting A Threenager. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Dad. It is the most rewarding “job” (for want of a better word) in the world.

It makes me genuinely happy when I come home from a rubbish day at the office and my son is waiting for me at the door screaming “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Or when I see my daughter for the first time after a long day and her smile lights up the room.

As with everything in life, parenting also has its down side. I’m not one to make everything in my life seem perfect, even though I do have a pretty awesome life. So here are three more gripes of mine with this parenting lark…

1. Temper, Temper

My lord, I don’t know where that boy inherited his temper! Well I do, as a younger man I was very combustible. Telling my son “no” or not to do something and watching the fall out is a “fun” daily ritual we have.

Throwing things, shaking and of course shrill shouting are all fair game! Distraction techniques are our friend in these situations, though they rarely work!

2. Potatoes

I love a good potato. Such a versatile food. You can roast them, sautée them, fry them or even have a jacket potato. Not to mention chips and crisps, etc.

In our house though, we can never have enough. Generally this isn’t because we eat tonnes, oh no…. my wonderful son has taken to “playing” with potatoes. Great, I’m all for imagination and play. The problem is that CJ has started putting the potatoes in the grill (while it’s off). We then forget to check the grill and start cooking in the oven (directly below the grill), thus cooking the potato in the grill.

It’s a genuine nightmare. If you are reading this, please tell me we are not alone.

3. Hand Soap

My son LOVES bubbles and so does my daughter. We buy a tonne of the bubble solutions so that he can chase them and my daughter can look in wonder…

My son loves a different kind of bubbles too… hand soap bubbles. Since he started potty training, we have gone through so many of the liquid hand soap bottles it’s untrue.

Since his sister was born, it’s easier for him to wait for us to get distracted and pour a tonne of the liquid into the sink. No matter how many times we tell him off, he still manages to sneak off and do it.

As I said, parenting is one of the best things of my day. There are days when everything is easy and fun. There are also days when everything is not so rosey. I wouldn’t change it for the world though.

Sometimes it’s good to vent. So, what are Akward Truths of Parenting?

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