Tattoos & Career Change?

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So I read my coaches blog recently and he seems like a much more exciting guy than me! Other than Judo we also have the fact that we are both heavily tattooed in common. He said that one of the things he is often asked is about the meaning behind some of his tattoos. This is also a question I regularly get. So I have decided to steal his idea and post up the meaning of one of my tattoos. Anyone who has read my “about” post will know that I had a major car accident in 2008. After this accident I sank into a major depression and had to have a lot of councilling. I don’t want to be a downer or go into major details as to the reasons. The fact is I hit a major dark patch. Needless to say I came through the other side and I feel that I am a stronger person. Consequently I decided to get a Phoenix tattoo, this tattoo takes up my whole back and goes down onto my rear. Version one of me burned up and from the ashes a stronger version was reborn. There are other stories and meanings behind some of my tattoos but I feel that I have devoted a lot of time to tattoos already in this post, so I’ll save them for another time.

In other news in my current career, I work as a Freight Forwarder. For anyone that doesn’t know what that is, I basically transport goods from the USA and other countries to the UK, it includes customs clearance and arranging delivery. A lot of people in the industry (myself included), slate the career. I am at a Crossroads at the moment whereby I could completely change career (whilst still working in my current job) but amass a little more debt than I already have or I can stick with what I have. The question is what do I want? The fact is that me asking myself this question proves that I am not 100% happy with what I am doing at the moment. Is importing goods really that bad? Yes and no. The stress of deadlines for delivery can be tedious, customers who inexplicably feel that they need to ask my manager if I am lieing when I tell them a typhoon in China has delayed their goods is particularly amusing in a fuck you kind of way, the constant grind of “the planes don’t stop coming” is tough, all of these reasons and more make the job horrible. However, it is relatively lucrative. On my first day in the industry my supervisor told me to get out while I still could. Initially I thought it was a joke, turns out it really wasn’t. Once you have been in it a while your wages rise substantially and you genereally get stuck, but am I? I could change career and it will be just as lucrative if I am good at it and work hard. I’ve never been one for not working hard, so I am sure that this wouldn’t be an issue. The career change would also help me out with this fitness journey of mine, so it would be a double bonus. Stay tuned I guess.

Anyway this post has had very little to do with fitness, I suppose that stems from the fact that it’s been my wife’s birthday weekend and in reality I have had zero workout time between seeing her family and mine. I also question whether anyone would care how many squats I did. I will still have thoughts on my Judo or Muay Thai or BJJ (once I start), mainly cause I think it’s interesting, and I might put some things like “just managed to do 1 rep of squats at X weight – new PB). I think my run times will remain as they are important to me too. Anyway back to the grindstone today and hopefully Judo work permitting.

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