Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Hi Guys & Girls,

Another interesting week in which illness has returned for my kids, sleep has disappeared for me and my boy has turned 3. Wow! Still can’t believe he’s there already.

Lets start as In February, Conor McGregor stated he would “set the game ablaze and then walk away”. He has now announced his retirement saying he wanted to retire young. It’s been somewhat legitimised by the UFC pulling him from UFC 200. So, in the words of Eric Cartman from Southpark “Screw you guys, I’m going home”.

Well he has definitely lit up the game, fighters are earning more now, it’s more mainstream. But I’m not buying this walking away.

This seems to be too sudden, almost like he is jockeying for position. I smell a dispute with the UFC. Time will tell, but I see the Notorious One returning for UFC 205 in the bumper first New York card.

Lets rewind the clock to 2015, Ronda Rousey was champion and had just defeated Cat Zingano. Meanwhile a Brazilian, named Bethe Correia, was getting wins. Specifically against Ronda’s Four Horsewomen group (Ronda, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir).

Bethe was marketing herself as the woman who was going to dethrone Ronda and the Horsewomen, even going as far as holding up her fingers to indicate how many Horsewomen she had defeated.

In an age where your ability to market yourself counts almost as much as your wins, the UFC lapped it up and Correia met Ronda for the title. Ronda dismantled her in 34 seconds.

This weekend at UFC Fight Night Tampa, Bethe fought Raquel “Rocky” Pennington. Raquel took her the distance and won via decision in a relatively hard fought battle. Both ladies are good fighters but Correia’s loss proves she is not, nor was she ready for the title fight she received.

Sticking with Tampa, there once was a mythical fighter, who everyone in his division was scared of fighting. This beast racked up the wins and was undefeated. Then he disappeared (through injury).

Rumours of this beasts demise were greatly exaggerated though, for his return was prophesied and so it came to pass. The Eagle re-landed and poor UFC debutant, Darrell Horcher was the prey.

Khabib Nurmagomedov returned and defeated him in brutal fashion. Whether Khabib can stay fit and whether he can still defeat elite competition after so long out, remains to be seen. Though the evidence of Tampa seems very positive. He looked awesome.

I’m a big fan of “Funky” Ben Askren. The guy is a good fighter and is undefeated. Yet never been in the UFC, for shame Dana and the Fertitas. Anyway I digress, his latest fight, another win (hint hint UFC) was not for his title.

His opponent didn’t make weight and thus forfeited the shot as well as 20% of his purse as is customary. For evidence of why I love “Funky”, he donated the extra 20% to a charity. I appreciate that it wasn’t his whole purse, a man’s gotta live! But he really didn’t have to donate that extra money. It’s refreshing to see a fighter who is an asshole to his opponents but a genuine guy outside the cage. Rock on “Funky”.

Moving away from MMA to gaming. “Let me tell you of Takkar.” My wife and I have been playing Farcry Primal and have now completed the 2 main story arcs and those final battles are difficult. First we took on Batari leader of the Izilla tribe. She likes her fire and will mess you up. It ends with you setting Batari on fire a bit of a gruesome death for her.

Next we took on Ull leader of the Udam. Apparently we did this battle the hard way. There are icicles on the ceiling which you can shoot at him and then go in for the kill. We hit him with one and backed off to see what would happen. Then my game must have glitched as there were no more icicles. So I had to do it the hard way, throwing spears and shooting arrows at him whilst running. It took a lot longer than it should’ve. 

When you kill Ull you get a cut scene showing you that he has a tiny baby. I was devastated. In an instant, I had gone from “Die mother fucker” to “live! Live you fucker. We can live in peace”. Unfortunately it was too late for that and Ull passed. Overall it’s a very good game, definitely enjoyable.  The only problem is that my wife is much better at it than me! Doh! I better introduce her to UFC 2 and whoop her ass before my masculine pride kicks in!

Carpe Diem Guys

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