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This week has been filled with illness, my daughter had her second set of injections and I have been quite ill myself, because of that I have struggled to find motivation to write. Here we are though, a new blog post finally!

Let’s start with the customary MMA section, UFC Brisbane took place these weekend. The co-main event featured Hector Lombard and Neil Magny. Hector is a genuinely scary dude. You know exactly what you will get with him, he will rush and throw wild shots designed to destroy. This fight was no exception, Lombard threw some ridiculous shots and probably should have taken Magny apart.

The problem is that Neil is made of stern stuff. How can you not love or at the very least respect Neil? Round one was a massacre, Neil got zero offence going and was battered for pretty much the entire 5 minutes, yet he rallied and got off some devastating damage of his own in round 2.

Refereeing is a thankless task, if you get something right, “you did your job”. Conversely, get something wrong and you are up there with PED’s users and Rousimar Palhares as, all that is wrong with MMA. Having said that, the referee dropped the ball big time. Magny teed off on Hector for 90 seconds without response. I don’t mean to sound like a dick – sorry, it’s tough to be anything else in this situation – but what exactly was the referee doing? Was he watching a different fight? Standards of refereeing must improve, I feel like this is, or should be a top priority for the UFC and MMA in general. Anyway congratulations on an impressive win to Neil, I spot a potential future champion.

The main event featured a favourite of mine, Frank Mir. Frank scored one of my favourite submissions of all time, when he locked in and broke “Minitauro” Nogueira’s arm. He faced off against “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt. Mark is a fearsome striker, having come from a kickboxing background.

Mark started unloading, hit one shot flush and that was all she wrote. Hunt did the walk off KO which he has become the king of. I feel sad for Frank Mir, I love the guy, but that may be the end of his career resurgence. Hope I am wrong.

I have read a tonne of people complaining that Conor McGregor is holding up the Featherweight division by fighting Nate Diaz on the 5th of March and rematching (potentially) at UFC 200.

I kind of get the point, but Daniel Cormier said he was taking “a break” and will defend his title 6 or 7 months after his last defence. Holly Holm was going to be made to wait 8 months for Ronda Rousey until she demanded a fight, Miesha Tate could be made to wait 6 or 7 months depending on when Rousey is available, Werdum has a break between defences (yes I understand partly due to injury), etc.

The point is, McGregor won the title 3 months ago, he has not held it for long and people really need to step back and remember it was only 3 months ago.

For years as MMA fans we have sat here and wondered what if Georges St Pierre fought Anderson Silva? Or if Anderson fought Jon Jones? We have a champion, in McGregor who is willing to step up in weight and challenge others and yet we are complaining.

I appreciate that Frankie Edgar has earnt his shot and Jose Aldo deserves his rematch. I also appreciate that McGregor is brash, disrespectful to his opponents and is hugely disliked by a portion of fans. I was also happy for Nate Diaz when he defeated McGregor, Diaz deserves his pay day, but we can’t have our cake and eat it, either we want Super fights or we want to uphold the integrity of divisional rankings.

I know that McGregor vs Diaz 2 as a superfight is somewhat spurious given the nature of the first fight. I personally would have booked Aldo vs McGregor 2 or McGregor vs Edgar. I’m not really sure how this (Diaz 2) benefits McGregor but from a financial standpoint, it benefits the UFC to get it done.


Well it’s finally happened, a company has chosen me to represent them as a brand ambassador and it’s definitely the one I wanted.

If you have read here before you will have seen me mention Not Dead Yet Apparel. The founders are genuine nice guys, who have the right ideals and are trying to make a difference in the world, with their Freedom Fighter movement.

I’m proud that these guys have chosen me as a representative of their’s. Their designs are awesome and they have issued me with a code for a 10% discount for my followers. Check them out at If you like what you see, use PJGREATWHITE.

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