UFC 201 – Results

Another event in the books. UFC 201 has now past and leaves us with some interesting title permutations…

Cesar Arzamendia vs Damien Brown

Arzamendia started the fight with someflashy moves. Ultimately though Brown hits a big right hand, Arzamendia hits the deck and Brown secures the victory.

Michael Graves vs Bojan Velickovic

Fans booed this one at the end of round one. This essentially turned into a grappling war. I would have given the fight to Graves, but the judges scored this as a majority draw.

Wilson Reis vs Hector Sandoval

From co-main event against Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson for the title, to the Prelims. UFC 201 didn’t turn out how Wilson Reis would have wanted. But it did end with Reis getting the win with a first round submission.

Anthony Hamilton vs Damian Grabowski

Grabowski threw a punch and missed, Hamilton landed in response. Soon after Grabowski was out cold. 14 seconds of round one was all it took.

Jorge Masvidal vs Ross Pearson

Ross Pearson is always game and up for a scrap. Unfortunately for him, Masvidal out worked him en route to a unanimous decision win.

Nikita Krylov vs Ed Herman

Krylov dominated the fight. With a high volume of kicks. Lots of swelling to Herman’s face. 40 seconds into round two Krylov threw a kick to Herman’s head which ended the fight.

Ryan Benoit vs Freddy Serrano

Main card baby! Benoit and Serrano had a back and forth fight which could have gone either way. Ultimately it went to a split decision.

Erik Perez vs Francisco Rivera

Another decision with both guys engaging in a brawl. It was a really good fight with both men landing as well as the usual “Diego Sanchez style” stand and trade all thrown in. Round one was close and could have been scored either way. Personally I thought round 2 and 3 was more Perez. In the end the judges gave it to Perez.

Jake Ellenberger vs Matt Brown

Hands up who though Ellenberger was done? I imagine there were at least a few. Jake stunned Matt and ended up getting the win in the first round.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs Rose Namajunas

When this fight was announced, I immediately thought that the winner got Joanna Jedrzejczyk next. It seems that is to be the case as Dana seems to like the idea. Kowalkiewicz showed in her last fight that she is durable and so it showed as Rose and her engaged. I scored it 2 rounds to 1 for Kowalkiewicz. The judges (mostly) agreed giving her the split decision.

Tyron Woodley vs Robbie Lawler

I must admit, it took me a while to get on the Robbie Lawler bandwagon. But his wars recently have been fantastic and have fully won me over. Outside of the two Women’s divisions, the Welterweight division is my favourite. It has a murderers row of contenders. I fully expected Lawler to dominate en route to victory. I certainly didn’t expect Woodley to knock out Lawler in the first round. Full credit to Woodley though, he did what Rory MacDonald and Carlos Condit couldn’t and became the new champion.

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