Invicta 18 Results – Undefeated Streaks Remain Intact

As always the ladies of Invicta brought the pain. It was a night of dominance, nasty injuries and blood… so, lets kick off the review of Invicta 18…

Sijara Eubanks vs Amberlynn Orr

I think it is safe to assume that “Alo” fully expected her pro debut to go a lot differently. Unfortunately for her Eubanks took her down and dominated. With less than 20 seconds remaining Eubanks got the TKO due to referee stoppage.

Aspen Ladd vs Jessica Hoy

We come to the first of undefeated streaks to remain in tact. Aspen Ladd continued hers by taking down Jessica and landing blow after blow. The referee had to warn Aspen about some illegal shots, but eventually the fight was stopped in the second round.

Tessa Rose Simpson vs Simona Soukupova

Simpson won both the first and second round, however Soukupova dominated round 3 to make it close. This went to decision and Simpson got the unanimous win. This one took home Fight of the Night honors.

Megan Anderson vs Peggy Morgan

I’ve seen some heavy swelling before, I’ve seen a haematoma on Mark Hominick which made me wince… Peggy Morgan’s face after Megan Anderson was finished with her is a sight to behold. Anderson has been on a roll recently and is surely en route to a title shot. Megan took home a Performance Bonus for her destruction of Morgan.

Cindy Dandois vs Jessamyn Duke

Cindy Dandois has been away from the cage for a while, but on this evidence you wouldn’t know it. Jessamyn fell to a first round submission and is now on a five straight losing streak, back to the “drawing board” for “The Gun”. As for Dandois, she is calling for a shot at Cris “Cyborg”. I’d personally like to see that, though I think Anderson may bypass her.

Mizuki Inoue vs Lynn Alvarez

From one submission to another. Mizuki got the fight to the ground in the second and finished the fight. Alvarez has been away from the cage for 2 and a half years, hopefully that won’t be the case this time.

Agnieszka Niedwiedz vs Christine Stanley

Stanley was a last minute replacement for Claudia Rey. That changes probably worked out for the best as Stanley and Niedwiedz have made it clear they have “beef”. Niedwiedz was unable to finish “Knuckles” but her dominance was clear enough for the unanimous decision.

Alexa Grasso vs Jodie Esqiubel

Alexa Grasso’s crisp striking was the key in this bout. She opened up Esqiubel and then had a bullseye to aim for. Full credit to Esqiubel who proved how tough she is with her refusal to quit. Unfortunately Grasso was too much for her. Grasso took home a Performance Bonus and a likely shot at Angela Hill’s Strawweight Title.

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