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Hi Guys & Girls… Well, another day, another USADA PED’s violation! On June 16, Jon Jones was tested, the result came back with something nasty and as a result he was pulled from UFC 200.

This time, Brockkkkkkkk Lesnar (I believe we are contractually obliged to draw out the K in his name!), has failed. His test was on the 28th of June.

Rumours and counter rumours as to why he has failed have swirled. Everything from good ole steroids to he took an inhaler for asthma have come around.

Brock is a beast, his physique has always been impressive. It is entirely plausible that he just has natural genetics to be that size and works it. It is also entirely plausible that he has had chemical help. If he took an inhaler for asthma, why has this just come to light? Why didn’t he and / or his physician check the ingredients against the banned list?

Personally I don’t know what he has failed for, nor do I care. What bothers me the most about this situation, is timing.
I appreciate that testing process is arduous, but a PED abuser could harm their opponent. So, USADA have fighters livelihoods and more importantly healths at stake.

Surely, if you know Brock is about to compete at UFC 200 on July 9th, you ensure that his out of competition sample is given priority. I really cannot see why this doesn’t happen.

Before we go any further, USADA has done a great job thus far. The growing list of people they’ve caught and punished is impressive and depressing in equal measure.

To me, though, these timings have to improve. There must be some way for the speed to be improved. Assuming Brock has been caught and it is not innocent (i.e. asthma inhaler), Mark Hunt has been punished for no good reason by having an uneven playing field.

Lesnar received USD 2.5 million for this fight, Mark Hunt is demanding this figure in compensation. Again assuming Lesnar’s “B Sample” fails and is actually a PED, I am in full agreement that Hunt should receive this amount.

Performance Enhancing Drugs are the biggest blight on the sport of MMA (and indeed other sports) and we need to stop them somehow… What better way to start than make examples of Jones and Lesnar (assuming of course that they are guilty). Pulling Jon Jones from UFC 200 and banning him for 2 years, costing him a bomb and potentially his best years and then banning and fining Lesnar will send a hardline message.

What are your thoughts on PED’S and Brock specifically? Do you buy the asthma storyline? Would you give Mark Hunt the compensation?

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