Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Hi Guys and Girls,

So, International Fight Week is now over. Some great fights, some damp squibs, plenty of blood, sweat and tears. I loved it. All three of the events had at least one fight that I was emotionally invested in and yet, the biggest disappointment for me was not one of the fights (though Claudia Gadelha gassing out against Joanna and then losing was close!), it was Jon Jones and his failed drugs test.

Innocent until proven guilty… It could be a contaminated sample… These statements are 100% correct and yet with Jon all of them seem hollow.

Firstly I’m a huge fan of Jon the fighter. He is supremely talented, physically gifted and everything else you want from a pro MMA fighter. However, I can think of no one in all of MMA that does disappointment quite like Jon, with the possible exception of Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

Like most, I bought the comeback story. As Dana White said just before he found out about this latest misdemeanor, “he carries himself differently; this could be the best thing that happened to him”. This being the hit and run conviction from April last year.

Chael Sonnen alleges that the substance Jon has failed for are Estrogen Blockers. Apparently they are used at the end of a testosterone or steroid cycle to ensure that your system isn’t flooded by estrogen after you’ve stopped taking the drugs. Essentially to ensure that the male of the species doesn’t get Moobs (amongst other things)… I love Chael, again the dude was a good fighter and a good smack talker, but as he was a former politician I always take what he says with a pinch of salt!

It’s difficult to know how to feel about this failed test, shocked because the “new” Jon seemed to be level headed and on a mission to prove himself, yet this is Jon. Cocaine, planted spies, stopping robberies, alleged marijuana, hit and runs, etc… all in a day’s work it seems…

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s innocent until proven guilty and hopefully it’s false. I will be pleased to see it proved wrong. Somehow, I don’t see that being the case though. The truly irritating thing is Jon has all the tools. If you ask an aspiring mixed martial artist if they wanted some of Jon’s gifts, I can imagine them biting your hands off.

Assuming this does turn out to be a legitimate failed test and so does the “B” sample (and not a contaminated sample ala Yoel Romero), Jon will have once again proved that the only fighter capable of defeating Jon, is himself.

Before Cormier pulled out of UFC 197, I wrote a preview for FeelTheTip in which I said “Whilst Daniel seems to bring out the worst in Jon, “DC” is not Jones greatest opponent. That distinction is reserved for Jon himself. In my mind, “Bones” will go down as one of the all time greats, the question is, how far will Jon allow himself to go?”

This sorry episode proves that still rings true. As a Jon fan, I am immensely disappointed and am struggling to comprehend how this can be anything other than guilty. Which, as I have been scathing of PED abusers before, leads me to look internally and wonder how I can remain “on side”.

Jon and his camp are of course protesting his innocence. Even going so far as posting a picture on their Instagram showing Jon back training. 

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed or as Nate Diaz would say are you “Not surprised motherf*ckers”?

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