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Hi Guys & Girls,

I finally got around to watching UFC 199 yesterday evening. It was pretty awesome, some good fights mixed in with some good fighters that I like winning. Always good!

It was a historical evening with a lot of hate in the main and co-main. One of the longest running and bitterest fueds in MMA was finally resolved. Congratulations to Dominick Cruz on ending his trilogy as the victor.

Also at UFC 199, we had the culmination of a near 10 year journey as Michael Bisping finally got his shot at UFC gold. I’m a Bisping fan, he’s a good fighter and as brash as they come which I’m always drawn to. It was great to see him become the first Great British UFC champion.

But, amidst the fights, we found out that HE is back. Return of the Beast… (please make sure you sing that to the tune of “Return of the Mac” by Mark Morrison). Brockkkkkkkk Lesnar is back in the UFC for 1 night only at UFC 200.

Despite the sour taste left by the Ariel Helwani ejection, removal of press credentials and lifetime ban from UFC events (for breaking the news before the UFC)… this is huge. Love him or hate him, Brock is a blockbuster name.

An absolute freak of nature athlete, there isn’t much Brock hasn’t achieved when he has set his mind to it. He became UFC Heavyweight Champion and was relatively dominant until his health issues. Who knows how good he could have been if his Diverticulitis hadn’t hit? The only problem I see is Lesnar didn’t exactly set the world on fire during his last outing against Alistair Overeem.

The really interesting thing about this situation is Brock is still a WWE employee and fully intends to return at Summerslam. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in Vince McMahon’s office when he was told about this? Vince is a smart dude, once the initial anger subsided, surely he thought of the collaborative potential? “Ronda doesn’t fancy fighting for a few months? Send her here!”

Standing against him is “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt. Mark is ridiculously strong and has a KO highlight reel that most can only dream of. Putting Mark in there shows that they aren’t trying to give Brock an easy ride which is great news.

I do feel sorry for Mark though, ’cause it must be galling for him knowing that Frank Mir is going to enter the cage, turn heel and blast Mark repeatedly with a chair, giving Lesnar the win WWE style. I kid of course, Frank wouldn’t go down the that route, for a starters he hates Brock too much… a story for another day perhaps?

No matter what happens and as legendary former WWE commentator, good ole JR would say, “Business just picked up”. What are your thoughts on Brock’s return?

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