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If you have been a long time reader here, you will know I’m a big fan of The Ultimate Fighter. TUF is the UFC’S reality show with fights included. 

The goal for the fighters is to win several “exhibition” fights to get to the finale. Once they are at the finale that fight counts on their record and the winner becomes “The Ultimate Fighter”, winning a contract with the UFC and usually some other prize (Harley Davidson motorcycles have been a staple over the years).

As with most reality shows of this kind, the fighters will all live in one house for several weeks. I can’t imagine living in close proximity to the very people I’m going to have to punch. If you’ve seen any of these “exhibitions”, they are far from friendly. The fact that they all live together for that period is something that fascinates me and is something I always ask about when I interview a former contestant.

Wednesday’s episode was all about the Women’s Strawweight Semifinal between Lanchana Green and Amanda Cooper. Amanda weighed in at around 130 lbs one week before the fight. The Strawweight limit is 116 lbs. So she had to lose 14 lbs in a week.

That’s tough, it’s hard on the body and basically ensures a major dehydration session at some point. If you haven’t seen it, Amanda had to sit in the sauna for 40 min periods to get her weight down. Full credit to her, she made weight and won the fight in dominant fashion. 

As with every season of TUF that I get involved in, I usually latch onto one or two fighters and will follow them throughout their career. Season One was Diego Sanchez (check out more of my thoughts on him here) and Forrest Griffin. Season five – Joe Lauzon (genuinely can’t wait for him and Diego to throw down). Last season I really liked Ryan Hall. 

This season will belong to Claudia Gadelha (and Helen below) – yes she’s a coach, but I think she’s been phenomenal and seems like a genuinely nice person. But fighter wise, the star of the season for me was Helen Harper. I think she’s a good fighter, a genuine person and she has turned a negative into a positive with her past abusive relationship being the catalyst for her martial arts career.

Helen might not become “The Ultimate Fighter”, but she has won a long term fan in me (and my wife) with her tenacity in the cage and her genuine attitude outside of it. Check her out on Twitter. To any friends or family looking out for a gift for me, this might be a good idea. Size XL. Subtle hint, right there 😉

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