You Go Back To Her & I’ll Go Back to… Orange?


Hi Guys and Girls,

I used to be an avid subscriber to Netflix. “Couldn’t get enough of that wonderful Duff” as Homer Simpson would say. Unfortunately the rising cost of bills coupled with one income, put paid to my regular subscription.

Every now and then I’ll re-sign up and watch some bits or get offered another free trial. Last week Netflix released the fourth season of “Orange Is The New Black”. Gosh darn was I intrigued. “Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone” (I’m sorry for the Weird Al, I’m writing this at 23:56 on a Sunday night, tiredness has put me in a weird mood). Luckily the Boys & Girls from Netflix offered me another free trial. Not sure how many I’m on now? Hopefully they never check that out!

If you’ve never seen the program, it’s based upon a book Piper Kerman wrote about her time in a Women’s Prison. Season 1 – 3 are extremely good. You are introduced to the characters and get to watch as they change and grow. There are some familiar faces such as Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon of “That 70’s Show” fame), Nicky Nichols (played by Natasha Lyonne of “American Pie” fame) and Galina Reznikov (played by Kate Mulgrew of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame) amongst others.

This season was ridiculously good. It was hard hitting and gritty. It dealt with subject matters that were of great importance and were definitely required, though they were upsetting to watch in places. Most importantly the directors ensured that the storylines were dealt with in the correct manner and tastefully.

Without giving too much away, it’s amazing how much of a bond you form with these characters or indeed any programme. The final two episodes of the season are gut wrenching. I’m not usually a very emotional man when watching TV, but boy was I choked up. I was seriously glad the penultimate episode ended when it did or I might have actually bawled!

If you can get your hands on a free trial or if you already are subscribed to Netflix, I highly recommend giving OITNB at least a passing glance. If you can get passed the gratuitous nudity, occasional violence and occasional drug references (or even if you are someone that likes gratuitous nudity, etc.), you will find a gem of a program with constantly evolving characters and well written storylines. It’s definitely one my favourite programmes and I’m glad the wife and I took the plunge.

Carpe Diem Guys

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