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Hi Guys & Girls,

My main man Kanye West (just joking I can’t stand the man) was on the Ellen show recently. It was hilarious to watch in an extremely cringe worthy kind of way.

The really sad thing about it was I kind of agree with some of the things he said about changing the world, despite him rocking back and forth like a mad man.

Kids in schools around the globe get bullied for a myriad of reasons and fashion is undoubtedly one of them. Of which I was one, when I was younger.

Kanye says he wants to make quality clothing lines like his affordable for the average child, regardless of poverty levels… then prove it! Taking away the fact that I think Yeezy shoes are butt ugly, they are not affordable for poverty stricken children.

A quick scan of the net reveals a retail price of around USD 350.00 or approximately GBP 250.00. That’s not the full picture though, Adidas has created a supply and demand problem, to the point where reselling Yeezy’s at 3 times the amount has become big business, I’ve seen sites selling them for close to USD 1200.00.

I appreciate that Kanye doesn’t set retail or demand, but he is a megastar. Are we to believe that if he said he wanted them sold cheaper and have less of a supply issue, that Adidas would refuse? If Adidas refused, what’s to say Reebok wouldn’t agree? I’m just not buying it.

If Kanye genuinely has approached the head of Pay Less and is trying like he says he is, I will hold my hands up. At this moment like, I don’t buy . But the bottom line is, if you want to change the world and make it easy for everyone to obtain designer clothing, prove it and do it. Kanye has the star power to do it. Step up and prove it Mr West.

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