What’s Loyalty Got To Do With It?

Hi Guys & Girls,

Do you consider yourself loyal? I do, probably to a fault. I’m not talking about relationships, which just for the record I have never cheated on a partner and don’t intend to start anytime soon!

Work wise I’m not massively loyal. My loyalty was always for sale to the highest bidder (or best opportunity). To a certain extent that has helped me get tonnes of experience and thus far, handsomely paid for my services. Ironically the only person work wise that has held my loyalty is my current boss (who I’ve worked for previously and wanted to work for again).

I digress, the loyalty I’m talking about is more when it comes to goods and services. No not Spearmint Rhino (a strip club in the UK)!

I’m talking about silly things like mobile phone, car insurance, tv / broadband, etc.. I’ve been with the same car insurance company for three years. I think my loyalty has made them complacent.

Last year some, let’s be generous and call them a hideous cretin. Some hideous cretin hit my car whilst it was parked. Obviously they were spotted doing it, because I came out of my house to a note on the car saying “very sorry, I hit your car whilst reversing, my number is _________”.

I thought, “How nice of them to actually leave the note. They must be prepared to pay for the scrape and small dent they’ve left!”

Sadly I was wrong, this (let’s call them a) vile, obnoxious toss pot, decided to leave a fake number. Carefully making sure that two numbers were ambiguous. Making it impossible to track down this (let’s call them a) fucking repulsive smeg head.
Instead I got a used car salesman from Hull and an elderly gentleman who threatened to report me to the police for me harassing him with fraudulent claims.

In the wake of the hit and run crime committed by the individual in question, I was left with the choice of ignoring it or trying to do the right thing and reporting it to my insurance company and the police.

Anyway I’ve gone off track, the point of this post is loyalty. As a result of my principles I reported it. So, my renewal has come up and the company has charged me GBP 13.00 a month extra. Due to my own stupidity, I didn’t check the renewal assuming it would be ok and am now stuck with them.

I know that the first thought is “well technically you had an accident” or “insurance rates have gone up this year”. Believe me I heard those exact (bullshit) excuses when I complained. However a quick glance through the many comparison sites reveals I could be saving GBP 20.00 a month with another company (even after advising them of “my accident”). Which begs the question of how much this company screwed me last year?

Ultimately my loyalty / stupidity has cost me. Next year, this company will lose me as a customer. If I can give you one piece of advise from this sorry episode, it would be to check your renewals and screw loyalty. Get the best deal.

Oh and if you are in the UK, don’t use the same shit company I did. I can’t tell you their name, however the name does have the words “Choice” and “Premium” in it – not necessarily in that order…

Carpe Diem Guys

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