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The last few days have been uneventful from a personal perspective, but there’s a couple of interesting things to discuss.

Well the unthinkable happened this week, my most anticipated fight of the year so far was called off. Rafael dos Anjos pulled a “sickie”. Although his is a legitimate foot injury, so I can see why he has pulled out.

This is horrible news and I detailed it in my article for Feel The Tip if you want to check it out. Though I didn’t mention a couple of other bad points that have come from this, firstly people are accusing dos Anjos of being pathetic and selfish for pulling out. Words really cannot convey my feelings on this, so I will simply say, “grow up guys, the dude has a genuine injury!”.

Secondly McGregor fans have started the assault on dos Anjos already claiming that this may be a ploy to not fight McGregor and that McGregor is a god, etc. etc. If you have read here before, you will know I love McGregor, but I’m not a hardcore like some of his other fans. Conor more than anyone seems to have attracted a proportion of fans that take any doubt of Conor as a personal insult to the god. Please, please calm down. He is a great fighter, but he is not the second coming of Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Allah, Satan, The Flying Spaghetti Monster or whoever you worship.

Luckily dos Anjos has been replaced by Nate Diaz, which is awesome from a smack talk perspective. The only downside on that perspective is the limited time left for McGregor and Diaz to go back and forth!

Let’s talk Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. Joe Rogan has spent some of this week telling people that Punk doesn’t belong in the UFC. It’s interesting that Rogan is discussing this now as Brooks has been on the roster for some time.

I appreciate that Punk is an extremely divisive figure amongst both UFC and WWE fans alike. I discussed this in my article about him. With Punk’s signing the UFC have decided to put on a Freak Show fight. I get the reasons why.

My concern is not whether he belongs, if and when he makes that walk everyone will find that out anyway, my concern is whether he will make that walk. With his latest back surgery, Punk seems further away than ever from making his debut. At the age of 37 will he actually ever make his debut?

The life of a pro wrestler is a tough one. Punk would have spent somewhere in the region of 200+ days on the road. Ninety nine percent of the WWE roster would be on the injured list if they were in any other sport. So the simple fact is, Punk has an awful lot of mileage on the clock. My suspicion is that he will make the walk… as the 30th entry in next years WWE Royal Rumble, for a limited run and a headline Wrestlemania appearance.

On a health related basis, I have been having some issues with my hearing for over a year. With my daughter on the horizon (at the time), my focus wasn’t on my hearing, till she was born and I went deaf in my left ear. Not good. Turns out I’ve got three different strains of infection within my ear. Antibiotics and ear drops were followed up with different antibiotics and ear drops! Hopefully that clears it up.

Away from hearing issues, I’ve been watching the new season of Gotham in the UK and I love it. Theo Galavan is a glorious bastard! Penguin and the Riddler have evolved superbly, even Victor Zsasz is nicely done. It’s great work, for a Batman geek it’s great watch. All we are missing is the Joker;  who was killed – unless the idea is that the death was meant to inspire someone to become the Joker! I hope that is the case!

Also been watching the Walking Dead. Both of these two programmes are awesome and genuinely make my Monday evening! ******Spoiler Alert******

I can’t believe Rick and Michonne slept together! Wow. That must have been one of the most unlikely couplings, in my mind. I’m hoping Daryl starts to trust people again though. I like Daryl, he’s probably my favourite character.

In between all of this, I have my birthday preparations to finalise and only a week to do it in. Haven’t begun working on decorations yet. It’s so typical of me! I leave my Christmas shopping till Christmas eve too!

Carpe Diem Guys

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