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This week has been a tough one. I’ve been ill and so, so tired. So tired in fact that I missed my first blog post without warning anyone. Oops. I’m sorry guys, I will be better! After missing the post there were birthday preparations, the birthday party and indeed Mothers Day today.

Let’s do our usual and start with MMA. Last night was UFC 196, I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was announced. Who would have thought that the biggest “loser” on the night would have been Jon Anik? If you don’t know who Jon is, he is an MMA journalist who said that he would get a 209 tattoo (Stockton area code) in homage to Nate Diaz if he defeated Conor McGregor. Make sure you send out the pictures Jon, we are waiting buddy! If he goes through with it, I will be majorly impressed!

Onto the fight itself, let’s just say Diaz gonna Diaz. Nate and Nick have perfected the art of chipping away at fighters. Never afraid to take punches, both Diaz brothers are happy to get up in their opponents face, eat some shots but keep chipping away with their volume punching.

The “Stockton Slap” style of boxing really works for these guys and it’s interesting that McGregor had no answer in the second round. I don’t recall the last time Conor shot for a takedown to me he was running on instinct. Having taken some damage, he looked rocked and tried to take some time to recover by taking Diaz down. By doing that he allowed a Jiu-Jitsu expert top position. Never a good prospect. The rest is as they say “history”.

I’m not sure what this means for either fighter now. I feel like Conor’s willingness to fight has cost him big time. The proposed bout with dos Anjos and his chance to make history by being the first man to hold two UFC titles at the same is likely gone. He will probably go on to UFC 200 and drop back down to featherweight and defend his title. Jose Aldo has called him out, calling Conor a “pussy” and saying the fairytale is over. Frankie Edgar has been screaming for a shot at Conor. Either of those two will probably be Conor’s UFC 200 opponent.

As for Nate, who knows. Having defeated Michael Johnson and now Conor McGregor there will be those calling for him to receive a shot at Rafael dos Anjos. Dana White has mentioned Robbie Lawler and the 170 title. Either way Nate has, as Conor would say “options”.

Also on the card Miesha Tate got her shot at the Bantamweight title. From the get go, I should say I’m a huge “Cupcake” fan. I’m absolutely delighted that she won. Going into the fight, not many people believed in her. In fact a lot people I spoke to said Miesha would be finished within two. It’s phenomenal to see someone prove the doubters wrong.

Holly was edging the fight on the feet. Her striking game was on point and she was landing shots, but round two provided a glimpse of what was to come. Miesha scored the takedown and dominated pretty much the entire round almost scoring the choke. Going into the 5th, I was following the judges and had Miesha winning round two 10-8 and Holly winning 3 rounds 10-9. Based on that Miesha needed to finish and finish she did, taking Holm down and locking the rear naked choke.

I’m devastated for Holly Holm, she seems to be a wonderful person and she seems to be extremely humble. What’s worse is that in the era of automatic rematches, Holly is going to be ignored and bypassed by Ronda Rousey. I really feel like Rousey should have to fight Holm for number one contendership, but Ronda will get what she wants and her and Tate will dance once more.

No one fighter in MMA inspires such a love hate relationship within me as much as Ronda. I recognise she is highly talented. She has elevated WMMA to the point where the UFC now has two women’s divisions and will likely go for a third soon enough. I also applaud her recent willingness to discuss mental health. On the flip side, I can’t stand her entitled attitude, her consistent ducking and calling out of Cris Cyborg was ridiculous. There’s the recent claim that media were not allowed to ask her questions about fighting. On top of that we have her being deified by the media and it makes for a polarising figure in my mind, one that I love and dislike at the same time. I hope that Miesha defeats her upon her return.

My wife surprised me at my birthday party with a video. The video had photos of my life. Then there was three special video messages. The last one was from my son and daughter. My son told me be loved me. The there were two messages, one from Roxanne Modaferri. I love Roxy, she is a wonderful person and she really didn’t have to do that. Apparently she said that she enjoyed our article together and she would like to work together again. The feeling is mutual and the world needs more people like Roxanne. Please support her by giving her a follow and watching her against DeAnna Bennett at Invicta 16 next week.

My other video was from Stuggy. If you don’t know who he is, he does vines and in my mind is extremely funny. My brother was super jealous that Stuggy sent a video. Give Stuggy a follow and check out his vines. If you read this Stuggy, my wife did indeed provide that “tenderness” you spoke of…. my feet were killing me and that foot rub really helped. That’s what you meant right?

A big thank you to both of you. You are both amazing and those shout outs, along with my children’s video, made my night. Also a thank you to the guys who my wife contacted and gave her the time of day. Even though you didn’t get round to it, it’s awesome that you even considered it.

Carpe Diem Guys

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