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Hi Guys & Girls,

There hasn’t been a lot going on in the way of fitness for me so far this week. So as the fitness has been lacking this one will be short and sweet today, I’m afraid. So far, this week has been mostly hospital appointments (one on Sunday and one yesterday) and illness. On Monday I was having some major stomach problems. Cramps and pains as well as the usual movements. I won’t go into too much detail cause no one wants to be reading about it but it derailed me for all of Monday. Back to the grind today! Feeling like a caged animal or Darth Maul waiting to kill Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars.

On the plus side, we had our 34 week growth scan and finally found out the gender of our baby. We are having a…… child. Jen and I have decided to keep it a secret from our family and as my sister-in-law should be a regular reader (Hi Marie!), I can’t say what the baby is. 6 weeks is a long time though so it’s possible one of us cracks and tells someone.

I’m a relatively big fan of the Walking Dead. I have been watching it for a while now and as far as I am aware am level with the US in episodes. The only disadvantage I have to hardcore fans is I am a comic book nerd who never really bought comics. So I’ve never read the Walking Dead comics and don’t know what’s gonna happen. I know that the TV programme hasn’t always stuck to the comic, e.g. Daryl wasn’t in the comics, but I assume that overall most of the characters in the comics are the same. So as I watch the TV programme I don’t want to research to much of it and spoil it for myself. **Warning** I am about to discuss the last episode, so if you haven’t seen it skip ahead… It takes a lot to shock me on TV, but the last episode really got me. I sat there stunned. The only words I uttered were “Oh shit, not Glenn”. Genuinely couldn’t believe that they would kill such a beloved character. As it turns out there are rumours that the makers are trying to pull a fast one. But the death / fake  death was perfectly executed ’cause of the amount of discussion it has generated!

I am a major MMA fan, so sticking with TV I have been watching the Ultimate Fighter. I kinda like watching it ’cause it gives a small glimpse into how fighters have to prepare. Though I’m sure that most of the drama is as scripted as an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s. My main gripe with the programme has been that everyone seems to buy into the Team Ethic. Hell No! These guys are your rivals. Plain and simple. It’s not just on the show though, people turn down fights ’cause they don’t want to fight a team mate. 2 examples spring to mind, Daniel Cormier doesn’t want to fight Cain Velasquez and Uriah Faber turning down TJ Dillashaw. It really pisses me off that we are denied fights because of this. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the mentally, it must be difficult to punch a friend. But ultimately as a fighter I believe the attitude should be anyone, any place and any time. I would hope that would be my attitude if I was in their positions.

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