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I really feel I have pushed the limits on my weight training this week. Just when I felt like I couldn’t do another set, I pushed through and found the resolve to do it. Nothing was safe, legs, back arms, shoulders and chest all took a beating this week. As an exsmole of how good I feel it was, on chest day i did nine sets (I miscounted when I put it on twitter – incidentally I wasn’t sure about putting the tweet out ’cause it’s essentially bragging, but it has become one of my most well received posts). Don’t get me wrong, the weight I’m using would be considered miniscule for some people, but I work with what I have. I really do feel like this was one of the best weeks I have managed to achieve in terms of fitness. The only poor thing about it was the lack of cardio work. Oh well, I’m not gonna beat myself up about it. Just hoping for some results from it now!

The next few paragraphs are all MMA related. I apologise if that is not your thing, and feel free to skip them.

This weekend is a relatively big weekend in the MMA calender, UFC Fight Night Brazil and Bellator 145. Not to mention the smaller events scattered around the globe. But my eyes are cast firmly on those two events.

For those who don’t know, if UFC is the blue whale of MMA, Bellator would be like an Orca. Relatively big but still not able to take down a Blue Whale. Bellator seems to be a well run business (though their decisions for Kimbo Slice to fight some guy named Dada 5000 – who I gather is a street fighter – and their decision for Ken Shamrock to fight Royce Gracie makes me question my last sentence). Scott Coker of Strikeforce fame is their lead man. The problem for me is that in the UK there is no live coverage of Bellator. So arguably the bigger event of the two is unavailable to me. Sure I can get the Bellator event on Demand Five after an as yet undetermined amount of time or even try to find an illegal stream of the event. But the fact is, I am a second class citizen purely ’cause I live in England. I haven’t looked into it too much, but it’s the same problem Invicta FC has on British soil. No broadcast. The really, and I mean really irritating thing about this is us Brits are deprived of seeing superstars and future superstars such as Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, Tonya Evinger, Andrea “KGB” Lee (all Invicta FC), Will Brooks, Michael Chandler, Liam McGreary, (all Bellator) etc. It’s the main reason why I believe that the Blue Whale (UFC) will always reign supreme in this country. Though I have just found out that One FC is available on Box Nation and Premier Sports. So Ben Askren and his wonderful hair (it’s truly amazing, especially when it’s grown out), Luis Santos, Brandon “The Truth” Vera, etc, may not elude me so much in future! Just have to speak to Virgin Media and find out what ridiculous fees they charge for these channels!

Sticking with MMA somewhat the Ultimate Fighter returned to our screens this week. I missed the programme last week; it means I have nothing to watch on a Wednesday evening. Like I said previously the drama does feel very staged. The Americans drinking heavily and arguing amongst themselves for example. Team USA decided this week to mock Conor McGregor and all wear ridiculous suits at fight time. I kind of get it, you are living in a house with loads of strangers, why not have some fun? But to me doing that during the fight time, makes a mockery of the fight to team. Anyway on to the fight. This week, was the classic grappler vs the striker. I always find these bouts interesting. Can the grappler take a hit? Can the striker survive on the ground? In this week’s bout, Svensson the grappler took a mammoth shot to the head from Le. From that he took it to the ground. After that he didn’t really manage to much. But the second round he again took it to the floor and secured the Rear Naked Choke hold. Always a good finisher.

That concludes the MMA centric portion of the blog and again I apologise if it’s not your thing. Away from all that, being a father of one and 3/4 I am consumed by children issues! My son is 2 and a half. We built his big boy bed and he went into it on Friday. I really cannot believe my boy is in an actual bed now. He looks so tiny in it. Give that time! I am over 6ft so I anticipate he will be too! Luckily he only fell out of the bed once, which is awesome and makes me proud of him. Onto our second, my wife went to see a consultant this week and was told that they intend to induce us. Based on the dates given, we have around four weeks to prepare! Let the games begin!

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