The Ultimate Sex And The City Fighter

Hi Guys & Girls,

So today is my Judo grading day. Yay!!!! Nervous, on edge, excited and so much going through my head. I have spent the majority of Saturday researching the Japanese phrases in the syllabus and my wife has been testing me, which I love ’cause it means she gets involved and is showing an interest. I hope she has been enjoying it too, ’cause looking through the syllabus, it’s a requirement to know a lot of Japanese words and meanings. Somebody should have told me there would be homework! Incidentally on Wednesday at Judo I managed to get a friction burn on my foot during the touch rugby warm up game. I’ve also got a nice little bruise on my right bicep, which is extremely noticeable cause of how white my inner bicep is and the lack of tattoo there. When we got to the technique work my partner told me I was too heavy for him. Thanks buddy! Way to make a guy feel good about himself! On the serious side, I am most definitely a heavyweight and am towards the top of that scale, my partner must’ve been a middleweight. So I didn’t take that as an insult.

Friday night, I had time on my hands and so I spent some time doing some weight training. 45 mins none to shabby for 8.30pm when most are out partying or socialising. I have been doing a movement called a Dumbbell Zottman Curl for my biceps. This is basically a standard bicep curl, but instead of dropping the arm back down as normal, twist your arm then drop it back down. Nothing too difficult. If you put your hand on your bicep and twist your forearm, you will feel that your bicep is working hard, because of this the Zottman Curl is supposed to be a killer. So, whilst doing the curl, I could see my reflection in the windows and realised I’m doing it wrong. I’m not twisting my arm at the top of the curl I’m twisting my shoulders which is great if it’s shoulder day but doesn’t really do what I want it too! So I corrected the movement and man, it is a killer. Definitely will be a staple of my arm days from now on, as long as I get the movement done correctly.

Slightly off topic but I’ve realised recently just how much feminine dominated programmes get watched in my house! Back in the day I would hear the guys in the office talking about what they watched last night and I always swore it wouldn’t happen to me. Never would I find myself watching Sex and the City. Incidentally thats one program that I’ve managed to keep at bay! It’s amazing how when you love someone you will take an interest in what they enjoy. I want to make Jen happy, so if that means watching Pitch Perfect 2 on a Saturday night then it’s all good. I have actually come to enjoy some of them too. On the other side, Jen will sit and watch UFC with me or The Ultimate Fighter. I think she enjoys them to a certain extent. The only things I haven’t been able to get her to watch is fighting films, like the Warrior, Rocky, etc. It should be interesting trying to convince her when Southpaw comes out on DVD!

Wish me luck for the grading. I’ll keep you all posted!

Carpe Diem, Guys!

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