Shin Splints Suck!


Hi Guys & Girls,

For anyone unaware, shin splints suck. BIG TIME. For the past several weeks I have been dealing with them and they really, really suck. If you don’t know what Shin Splints are, don’t worry too much, because you are probably part of the majority. Unless you are a long term Football (or Soccer fan) in the UK, in which case you will probably remember perennial injury victim, Kieran Dier was sidelined for months with them. If you don’t know what they are, ‘Shin Splints’ is a generic term for lower leg pain in the shin area.

On one of my comments, from a “How to Hack X Game” site (I believe it was a war game), I was accused of whining about injuries. So, I’m going to try and be as informative as possible without whining. Quick side note, YAY for such legitimate comments! I’m a small time blogger, striving to grow, but at the moment I don’t receive a lot of comments. So, its always heart warming to receive such legitimate, definitely not spam, click bait comments (shame I fell for it!!). If you are a genuine commenter, please do not take that against you, I love genuine comments and would love to hear from you (or potentially interaction).

Anyway, on with shin splints. Last year, I did 5k runs on a regular basis. At least 2 or 3 times a week at one point. Other than fatigue, I had zero issues. So, what has changed? Nothing much, I have put on weight and up until recently had not trained since December. Yet the additional weight, coupled with lack of proper training is quite simply one of the main reasons why I find myself in this predicament.

The main causes of shin splints are if you have been running for less than five years (check), are overweight (check, stress eating and lack of training have added to my paunch), have flat feet, weak ankles, tight calves or a tight Achilles tendon (hmm not sure), run on hard surfaces (check) or wear ill fitting trainers that don’t cushion the impact (not so much, my trainers are the same as they were when I last ran).

So, what should you do if you get these pains? Aside from the obvious of ice, which is your friend, the biggest thing I found that helped was rest. Which almost sucks more than the splints themselves. Don’t get me wrong I still trained doing weights and interval training for cardio, but running is a no no.

The only other thing I seriously recommend are gel inserts. My Scholl Gel Activ Inserts have been a God send. They take away a small amount of the impact from running. I’ve heard Foam Rolling works wonders too, shame I got rid of my roller (it had a huge dent in it from moving house).

This isn’t a “Follow My Guide and You Will Be a Happy Well Adjusted Runner” type post. What works for me, might not work for you and I’m not “Well Adjusted”!!!

The reality is, I’m still working out what works for me. Fingers crossed it’s not something I have to deal with on a long term basis!

If you have Shin Splints, hit me up G  (trying to gangsta up the place, not sure it’s working!). Let me know what works for you?

Carpe Diem Guys

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