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Hi Guys & Girls,

It’s been a strange week, I’ve been blocked by two random people (that I know of) on Twitter. So, I seem to have my first haters! Yay!

Let’s move on to MMA, at UFC 196, Miesha Tate defeated Holly Holm and became the new Women’s Bantamweight champion. So who deserves the next opportunity at the title? If you answered Ronda Rousey, you are either Dana White or a huge Rousey fan.

I’m not going to sit here and say Ronda is useless, although some people have intimated such things since her defeat to Holm. My problem with this is the last time Ronda was in the octagon, her head was bouncing off the canvas. What exactly has she done since then to earn the shot?

Rousey is a phenomenal athlete, you do not win medals at the Olympics and become a champion Mixed Martial Artist because you are a waste of space. I also recognise the fact that she has done a lot to elevate WMMA and she was a dominant champion. The fact is though in this era of immediate rematches, she did not think she could beat Holm in the time frame Holm was prepared to sit out and allowed herself to be bypassed by Tate. If anyone deserves the immediate rematch shouldn’t we be discussing Holm?

Holly was 10-0 going into this fight with Miesha. She had defeated Ronda Rousey the formerly dominant champion in decisive fashion and yet she has been ignored immediately with Dana White stating Ronda gets the next crack. I’m sure just like me, Holly knew this would happen if she lost.

I should mention I hate immediate rematches, they should only happen if there is a controversy (e.g. Holm has blown out her knee, Tate finger poked Holm’s eye, etc.). The Women’s Bantamweight division finally has a few contenders in Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey, Cat Zingano and Amanda Nunes. Previously if this happened, the UFC would pair them off on the same paperview, whoever won with the best performance would get next crack. Why not do that now? So, how about Holly vs Ronda and Cat vs Amanda?

I am a big fan of Ronda and what she has achieved but this division is finally about more than Ronda. She should have to re-earn her shot, just like Holly, Cat, Amanda, Julianna Pena and everyone else.

After McGregor’s defeat he was attacked verbally by José Aldo. Fair enough, they seem to be rivals with a genuine distaste for one another, Conor attacked José verbally for the best part of a year in the lead up to UFC 194. So I’m not too fussed, though I did think this sort of thing was beneath José.

One of the funniest things he said was that Conor has no power in his hands. Really? José, have you forgotten UFC 194? Allow me to remind you….  13 seconds… that is how long your fight with Conor lasted.

Again I’m a big fan of Aldo, he is a legend and his career will surely earn him a spot in the hall of fame.

The statement he made was and is ridiculous though. McGregor has finished 18 of his 19 wins by KO including Aldo. Aldo should remember that before saying Conor has no power, if Conor has no power, then Aldo has a glass jaw. Not exactly flattering himself.
Everything else in his statement was pretty spot on though, whilst I believe Aldo should have to win at least one to get back to McGregor (see I’m not just against Ronda in the immediate rematch thing), the likelihood is UFC 200 will feature Conor vs José.

The other thing Aldo said was that Conor’s fairytale was over and for now, at least, that is correct. As Conor said, he took a risk and it didn’t pay off. In my mind the “Notorious” one is going to have to redominate the Featherweight division before pushing onto 155 or 170.

On a tenuous, yet semi related note, Master Renzo Gracie stated that UFC 196 was proof that precision beats power, but BJJ beats all. Well, I love BJJ and I love Master Renzo, I want to become a black belt and meet the man before the end of my days.

It is clear that both Holm and McGregor could use some grappling training. However, Conor didn’t lose to BJJ, yes I appreciate he got choked out by a Rear Naked Choke, which is a BJJ submission but Conor lost that fight before the choke was locked in. Conor started to gas because of the extra weight on his frame which I am sure he was not used to, he got tagged by a shot which rocked him and he never recovered from it and finally he shot for a desperation take down on instinct, giving top position to a legitimate superstar grappler in Nate Diaz.

In the modern world of Mixed Martial Arts, you need not one but at least three separate styles to be effective. You need a striking game, a takedown game and a ground game. Whilst BJJ would be fairly high on my list of skills to have were I to enter the cage, the need for having some form of wrestling or judo and kickboxing or boxing or karate or Taekwondo (etc.) cannot be discounted. If we look back over the years, the traditional BJJ expert was found out when they came across a wrestler with slightly higher than average striking skills. High level BJJ beats all, only if it is combined with at least a rudimentary knowledge of other styles.

Moving away from MMA and onto the Walking Dead. It really is my favourite TV programme, though I seem to watch PAW Patrol and Tom & Jerry more. The joys of parenthood. With TWD and Gotham my Monday nights are fairly complete! If you don’t want to know spoilers, please skip to the end…

This week’s episode started quickly and continued right until the end. I really didn’t want it to end. When they got to the Saviours compound and started killing them, I genuinely thought one of them would “chicken out” and cost the group dearly. As it was, it went a lot different to how I anticipated. I am eagerly anticipating the next episode!

Now we enter the parenting is difficult section… as most parents will tell you the sleep deprivation stage is a killer. As my daughter has finally started sleeping for longer than an hour at a time at night, I am intending to get back on my fitness grind tomorrow!

Carpe Diem Guys!

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