Rage Against The Walking Dead

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After last week’s “Caged Animal” blog I am right back in that same zone today. Probably worse. I actually feel like I am about ready to burst. I have been absent from Martial Arts for 3 whole weeks. 2 because of shift patterns and one ’cause of pregnancy related issues. I genuinely cannot wait for Judo this evening!

On Monday, I left my headphones at home. I don’t feel like I was as good during that weight training session as I was on Friday. I think you can really tell the difference, ’cause yesterday I had the headphones again and I really picked up the intensity. In fact, the last set was entirely carried on the back of the screaming angst of Zack De La Rocha (Rage Against The Machine for any that don’t know). “Killing in The Name of” really does get the blood pumping and with the lyrics “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” coursing through my ears, over and over really forced me to get the Deadlifts finished. I’m sure that he will never read this, but thank you, to Zack for that piece of music. When I need one more rep, you are there to get me through!

***Spoiler Alert*** If you watch the Walking Dead and don’t want the latest episode to be ruined please skip this paragraph and move on to the next one.
Away from fitness, I am a big fan of the Walking Dead. Last week’s episode was a brilliant episode and genuinely had me in a state of shock. I tuned in this week full of hope and questions. What an inquisitive scamp. Questions like what would happen to Rick? How would he get out of the situation? Are Daryl, Sasha and Abraham okay? Most importantly is Glenn alive? What we got was a slow episode that answered no questions and showed Morgan’s transformation from nut job “Clearer” to zen master. I really don’t feel that this episode was a good one. Others may disagree with me. It is entirely possible that viewing the episode in isolation, would show that it is a vital piece of the puzzle. But using last week’s as a comparison, to me, it is really found wanting. My advice to anyone still reading who is a fan (and obviously cares nothing for spoilers) is to have next week’s episode ready to rock and roll straight after before you sit and watch this one.

I’ve just realised that this weekend has a UFC event coming up. It has one of my favourite fighters Dan “Hendo” Henderson fighting Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort. Or as I like to call Vitor, The Incredible Shrinking Man. For anyone who feels that TRT wasn’t a performance enhancing drug, take a look at Vitor before it was banned and look at him now. The after is like looking at Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner before he becomes Hulk in the Avengers. Anyway away from Vitor and Juicing problems. I really hope Dan drops that H-Bomb on Vitor and knocks him out. Team Hendo all the way baby.

I apologise for the next paragraph. I come both rambly and cap in hand, much like a homeless drunkard. I have had facial hair for most of my adult life. Mainly ’cause I hate the way my face looks without it. I look like some prepubescent child. For many years I have also been wary about exposing myself to ridicule. I don’t really know why, ’cause I generally do not care what most people think of me. Anyway for those two reasons, I have usually shied away from Movember (https://uk.movember.com/). This year I have decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I look ridiculous, I have been ridiculed by my family and generally emasculated and that’s before the moustache has started growing. I will of course, keep everyone up to date as to how bad I look. In the meantime, I know times are hard and Christmas is right around the corner, but it is a great cause. Please donate, if you can. The link is https://www.justgiving.com/Paul-Jacob.

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