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So it’s been a tough period, lack of sleep, coupled with a return to work after illness and an overtime shift. All in all I am quite exhausted…

Nevertheless the show must go on, so lets start with MMA as has become customary. For weeks, I have said that April (from an MMA perspective) is defined by Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier. It is the fight I was looking forward to most for the foreseeable future. The animosity between the two guys is palpable, Daniel told Jon he was ready to “die to defeat” Jon and Jon told him to “be prepared to do that”.

Whilst this rivalry is somewhat childish, it is entertaining. We’ve had Daniel sending pictures of cocaine abuse (in reference to Jon’s previous failed test) and Jon sending pictures of Reginald VelJohnson (aka Carl Winslow in the sitcom “Family Matters” or Sgt Al Powell in the “Die Hard” films).

Daniel has now pulled out injured and has been replaced by Ovince St. Preux for the Interim Heavyweight Title. Cormier’s hatred of Jon has even led him to offer to train St. Preux for free. Fair play to Jon for saying he wanted to stay on the card, but I’m no where near as excited as I was. It feels like a bit of an anticlimax. Not to say Ovince is not a good fighter, because he is. But of all the intriguing bouts they could have replaced this with, this feels a bit… “meh”. Ovince is ranked number 6 in the division, whilst I’m aware the rankings are somewhat spurious, its not as if he is some chancer from the minor leagues. However the reality is every time Ovince has faced “elite” competition he has come up short.

Normally I’d be moaning about yet another Interim title. Frankly the UFC has been “Interim happy” recently, but with this one, it feels more like a Jon Jones title defence and that Daniel Cormier is the Interim champion. Jon didn’t lose the title and he decimated Daniel in their first bout. If it wasn’t for his personal demons, I fully believe Jon would still be champion.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm, I’m sure it will still have people watching, myself included. Purely ‘cause I want to see if Jon is the same fighter since his personal problems. Assuming Jon wins and I fully expect him to (sorry Ovince), he will go on to unify the title with Daniel at a later date and I’m expecting it to be at UFC 200.

On the subject of UFC 200, is there a man or woman in the history of UFC that has a much of an influence over things, as Conor McGregor? Ronda Rousey came close with her insistence that Cris “Cyborg” Justino cut to 135 lbs if she wanted to fight her, but the control McGregor exerts is different. As UFC president Dana White said “Conor’s difficult to say no to”. At UFC 200, McGregor gets his wish to rematch Nate Diaz and as a result Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar compete for the Interim Featherweight title.

Apparently, White and the UFC tried to convince Conor to return to Featherweight and defend his title, but he is “obsessed” with beating Nate. Hopefully that obsession leads to an extremely watertight gameplan, because to me this feels like a huge, huge risk.

The thing is I get the obsession with avenging the loss. When I trained in kickboxing, if I lost in sparring, I was analysing the person week after week till I beat them. I hated losing and I’m not a professional. As I said though this rematch is a risk, on March 5th, Nate Diaz defeated McGregor having had 10 days preparation. I’m not sure going straight into this bout at 170 again is the right move for Conor.

Having said that, this is Conor we are talking about. He is a damn good fighter albeit with obvious deficiencies in his wrestling and jiu jitsu. Everyone seems to have glossed over the fact that round one against Diaz, was all McGregor. If he can keep that up throughout the five round fight, he will get the victory.

So, Cris “Cyborg” has finally made it to the UFC. I’m amazed the UFC have waited this long, but what an entrance point! UFC 198 on a stacked card, possibly the most heavily stacked card in UFC history, in Brazil, in her home town in front of a raucous and partisan crowd.

Sounds pretty damn good to me! She fights Leslie Smith at a catch weight of 140lbs. With as much respect as I can, I’m sure Leslie will be offended no matter how I word this, I expected a bigger name for “Cyborg’s” debut. According to Dana White, Leslie was the only one who wanted the fight and begged for it. I’m sorry Uncle Dana, I’m calling bull. You can’t honestly tell me “Alpha” Cat Zingano wouldn’t have wanted the marquee bout. Cat even said Dana was “inaccurate”.

Either way “Cyborg” is finally going to be on a UFC card which is fantastic and yet downright strange. I’m sure Cris being in the UFC was prophesied as one of the signs of the apocalypse? It’ll be interesting what happens next though, is Cris going to be the start of a 145 women’s division or will she be doing catchweight bouts or will she try and make 135?

Cris has said that she doesn’t care about a title and instead wants “superfights”, which to me is interesting. Realistically that means she wants Miesha Tate, Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey with potentially Cat Zingano adding her name to that list. The problem I see with this “superfight” route is that essentially Cris is going to be relying upon whoever isn’t champion or fighting the champion to take a fight with Cris. According to Dana White Ronda Rousey is next for champion Miesha Tate. Which leaves Holly Holm, according to the rumours, Holm turned down the “Cyborg” fight. Not sure if I believe that, based upon her previous statement that she would fight “Cyborg” at 145, but if true Cris could be waiting a while for her “superfights”.

So moving away from MMA, let’s move onto to gaming. For Christmas I got Fallout 4 and Assassins Creed Syndicate. I started playing Assassins Creed and enjoyed it, but the lure of Fallout was too much. I started playing that and nothing else has had a look in since… till last week when we got Farcry Primal (and the new UFC game, but I haven’t played that yet).

In Farcry, you play Takkar a tribesman for the Wenja in the stone age. You have to build up your village from scratch, rescue other Wenja and tame wild beasts. Of course the village building appeals to my wife! Her favourite animal is a Wolf, so taming the White Wolf first made her happy.

Outside of that it’s a bit like Tomb Raider, meets Red Dead Redemption meets a first person shooter. Except for the fact that you have spears and a Bow & Arrow instead of guns. The only drawback is the lack of English, all the talk is in Wenja, with subtitles. But the storyline seems good thus far, the game play is good and you get to amass an army of tame beasts. What’s not to like?

Being a parent is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in can imagine. Today alone, I have had to deal with sick, poo, tears and urine and that was just from my wife! But there are the good parts like my daughters face when I picked her up or my son asking me to read the “Daddy is my Hero” book.

The main problem I have with parenting, is finding time to be anything other than “Daddy” and finding time to play with them both. One thing I haven’t been doing enough of is working out, so today I killed two birds with one stone. I put CJ in his mesh tunnel and bicep curled him, done some squats and deadlifts. I get a killer workout, he gets thrown around and to spend some time with me (usually telling me what he wants me to do next).

I’m definitely going to be adding play workouts to my fitness regime, I really need to get back into running and weight training. The problem has been the distinct lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. She’s slowly starting to sleep more at night and I am slowly finding my motivation for workouts coming back. I’m glad really, ’cause when we get our one or two weeks where it doesn’t rain in the UK, I wanna go “sun’s out guns out”. So I need to make sure I have guns by then not pea shooters!

My friends over at Not Dead Yet Apparel have released their latest tank tops. Apparently “sun’s out, guns out” comes alot quicker in the States than it does here! Please check them out at

On the women’s side they have released a pregnancy top with “Not Born Yet” on it, come on guys, why? Why have you done that to me?! If that top was out 4 months ago I would have 100% bought it for Jen! It’s awesome and just my kind of thing.

On the mens side, I personally love the NDY Skull one, quelle surprise! It has to be black though right? I mean the navy one looks good too, but a Skull top just has to be black. The other tops are cool too, but for me it will have to be the Skull when I get round to buying it.

Anyway guys, if you are regular readers, you may have noticed that I have become lax with my Wednesday & Sunday posting times. It’s not through lack of care, of that I can assure you. It’s been, as my boss at work said, “a rough couple of months” for me. Adjusting to my new shift pattern and the time demands of my daughter on top of all my other time demands has been difficult. I am doing my utmost to get this right and will work to stick to my schedule.

Carpe Diem Guys

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    1. Thank you for commenting! Finding time for anything other than being a parent is so difficult. I figure if I want to fit everything in, I’m going to have to find ways to double up on things!

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