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Hi Guys & Girls,

I was late with my last blog post, breaking my streak of two in row. I have to admit I was disappointed in myself. Yet I have repeated the offence this time, by not being prepared in advance! As my wife is sat beside me doing her nail practice, now seems like the perfect time to get some work done.

Normally we start with MMA, but lets start differently this week to throw you guys off! A blogger that I read (again thank you SkinnedCartree) has done a section about how they chose their name and it occurred to me that I haven’t! Unfortunately hers story is more exciting than mine. When the wife convinced me to start blogging, we decided that “Paul Jacob’s Blog” was boring. So, we decided to come up with something. P and J are obviously my initials. The GreatWhite part is hardly ground breaking either I’m afraid and no I’m not some white supremacist! My favourite animal is a Great White Shark, hence I became PGreatWhiteJ! My wife always says that I’m fierce like one too!

I really get wound up when I hear of people killing sharks as a retaliation for attacks. The fact is, if I entered your house uninvited you would be upset and probably lash out. When sharks attack humans, it is mainly because they have confused us for seals. It seems silly to me that there are more deaths by coconut per year than shark attacks, yet we have managed to put a fair few of these creatures on the endangered list due to ignorance. Sorry, I went all Marine Rights Activist there. Anyway, that’s my story and in light of it, I am going to attempt to do a blog post a day during Shark Week which starts on June 26th (lets hope I’m up to the challenge!).

Moving onto MMA, I interviewed Invicta Bantamweight Champion, Tonya Evinger and her opponent Colleen Schneider before their title fight at Invicta 17. I must admit, this is the first time I have interviewed two fighters for the same fight. When I first started writing for FeelTheTip, I always figured that if I did get interviews I would always pick one or the other. I mean first and foremost, I am a fan of the sport and if I choose one there would be no mixed emotions, I would have a clear guideline as to who I was rooting for.

This one really made it difficult. Sorry Colleen, but I’m on team Evinger. She was always one of the people I wanted to interview, so I am glad I she agreed to it. Anyway split loyalties aside, Tonya and Colleen went to war. I am bigger fan of both now that its all said and done. At the end of it Tonya emerged victorious and retained her belt. As is customary with Tonya she threw up into a bucket at the end and then had a controversial moment.

Tonya stated that she wanted to get MMA moment of the year and kissed interviewer Laura Sanko. A few people have lost their minds over this, saying such rubbish as “this is assault”. Calm your jets people. Tonya is a joker, everyone knows this, including her friend Laura. I appreciate sexual harassment is a big thing and no laughing matter, but this kiss really didn’t warrant the response it received (at least in my opinion). The fact that she has just vomited would have alarmed me more if I was Laura.

A few more people have said “what has Tonya got to do to get to the UFC?”. I appreciate that standpoint, I really do. Tonya is a very good fighter and in my opinion is well worth her spot amongst the elite… but why should Tonya accept the UFC? As she said in our interview, she is well respected in Invicta. Shannon Knapp, Julie Kedzie and all involved at Invicta have done a phenomenal job. I personally was more excited for Invicta 17 than I was for UFC Fight Night Rotterdam. Why should she make the move?

Anyway speaking of UFC and female Bantamweight’s, Ronda Rousey has got herself back in the news this week. Yet again it’s for the wrong reasons.

It seems Paige vanZant is completely out of order and a “fair weather bitch”. The reason why? Paige congratulated Holly Holm when Holm defeated Rousey. I wonder if Ronda called herself some choice words after she congratulated Holly on Saturday Night Live?

Ronda is a wonderful athlete and was a good champion. If she can get her head back in the game, it’s entirely plausible that she will regain her throne.

The thing is, she makes it extremely difficult to like her with some of the things she does, I’m aware that statement is slightly hypocritical of me as I usually gravitate towards the man or woman who doesn’t give a fuck. But the thing is when Nik Lentz trolled B.J. Penn with his essay style letters, they were at least hilariously tedious!

Holly Holm is a very down to earth and likable woman, she didn’t seem to do anything to Ronda and yet Ronda was less than respectful in the lead up to their fight. I want Ronda to come back and (depending on who she fights) I’ll be rooting for her, ’cause I think it’s wrong that some people think of her as a fraud. I just wish she was more respectful sometimes!

Now that we’ve covered one of the UFC’s cash cows, let’s discuss another. The rumours circulating that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will   meet in a boxing match.

Really? Firstly does anybody really believe this is gonna happen? If it does, does anyone bar Conor expect Conor to stand a chance? And finally does anyone expect Dana White to allow this? Anastasia Yankova said she signed with Bellator because it allows her to carry on in Kickboxing bouts, something the UFC did not. Never say never I suppose, I just can’t see this happening.


On the subject of boxing my fitness journey has taken another turn, my wife has decided she wants to get fit too. Obviously inspired by my transformation that hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway Jen decided she wanted to box. So, we got the pads out and started boxing. She’s said she wants to do it regularly, so a new dimension to my training! The couple that trains together, stays together!

Carpe Diem Guys

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