6 Weeks of 21

Guys & Girls,

On Wednesday, one of my colleagues (the one who is leaving) said he has been doing 21’s on his arm days and that it’s a killer. I’ve personally never done them before and so he challenged me to do them. Coincidentally, Wednesday was arm day! So challenge accepted, my friend. For anyone that doesn’t know what’s 21’s are, they are designed to work the entire bicep. You start from the bottom of the curl and curl half way 7 times, then you curl from the half way to the top 7 times, then drop to the bottom and do 7 full curls. The bottom to the mid way point is fairly easy. At this point I honestly thought Stuart was taking the piss when he said they were killer. Midway through the second part I was feeling it. Stuart, sorry for doubting you my man, they are actually really quite bad. Especially on the 3rd or 4th set. I’ll have to give them a semi regular place in my routine. On a side note, I weighed myself and I’m 113 kilos.

We have just over 6 weeks (maximum) until our second child is born. Exciting and terrifying in equal measure. I am putting my martial arts plans on hold till the baby is born. I don’t want to commit to any classes other than Judo until the baby is here ’cause we are now on baby watch! That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop trying to be fit or going to martial arts, just that I have to keep an eye on waters breaking! We genuinely don’t know what gender this baby is as they kept their legs closed throughout the entirety of the 20 week scan, so we didn’t get to see. But we are supposed to get another scan shortly which we hope will tell us the gender. The good news is, we really don’t care one way or the other. People have asked me why I want to know gender then? The answer is that I’d like to be prepared. Either way I’m looking forward to my second stab at fatherhood. After all my first has been a pretty good success story (despite him refusing to go to sleep as I write this!!).

A couple of blogs back, I championed 3 causes. “Stand Up to Cancer”, “Free Nick Diaz” & “Not Dead Yet & The Freedom Fighters”. Stand Up to Cancer will never be finished ’til Cancer is mostly conquered. So a long way till that one is complete. But there are some good news on the other two fronts; Free Nick Diaz reached its signature goal and we are just waiting for further news on that front. NDY Apparel reached its goal yesterday morning… Also I want to thank NDY Apparel for their message they sent me after reaching their goal. It was much appreciated and they are great guys. I definitely urge people to follow these guys. Anyway, I’m glad that I was a small part of both of these causes and I’m extremely happy that they both reached their goals.

Carpe Diem Guys!

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