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This week saw the press conference for UFC 197. Of course, it became “The Conor Show”, with ridiculous comments about being a 3 weight champion by the end of the year, with him planning on going up to 170lb and facing Robbie Lawler, assuming he is still champion. Even by McGregor’s lofty standards, I cannot see him holding down three titles. I have to be honest, I love the guy, he’s good fun and everyone loves a bastard. But RDA is a phenomenal champion and I’m not sure I see Conor defeating him, let alone Lawler.

Some people said he broke dos Anjos during the conference but I didn’t see a broken man – I saw a man with rage in his eyes during the stare down. Fighting emotional can have one of two effects; first, it can make you uber focused on the task of smashing the opponents head in or it can make you sloppy and cause you to make mistakes. Let’s hope, if I am right, that RDA is focused not sloppy. After all, don’t we all want a good fight.

Moving swiftly on, one of the few bits of sense that McGregor did speak, was asking where his title was. Indeed Conor, indeed. When B.J. Penn fought Georges St Pierre, both titles were displayed on the poster. Conor’s title was nowhere to be seen and he was in the background. I don’t know what you guys thought about this, but me personally, I felt the UFC were trying to exercise some control over Conor. As he has stated, he runs the game at this moment. He is one of the few that can dictate to the UFC, if he beats dos Anjos, this is only going to get worse.

Here’s the thing though – he is a cash cow for the UFC. Maybe even the cash cow for the UFC at this point. Not putting his title on display is, to me at least, cutting their nose off to spite their face. In my opinion, selling the fight as champion vs champion is a no brainer.  Casual fans will see the poster with the two men holding titles and will be drawn in.

I appreciate that after years of dictating to fighters, “you can’t wear that”, “you will accept this low pay because we are the biggest game in town”, etc, for them to have a fighter who has become so popular that he is the “game”, must be galling for Dana and the Ferttita brothers. But money talks and billing this correctly would have brought in additional dough. Why do it? Why lose the additional income just to exert power, when it makes no difference to Conor’s power if he wins?

On the subject of attempting to exert power, B.J. Penn has come out of retirement. Not sure how I feel about this, BJ is a legend, but his last fights have been poor to say the least. BJ has set his sights on UFC 197 and a gentleman by the name of Nik Lentz. Nik and BJ have had a falling out over BJ’s conduct towards famed nutritionist, Mike Dolce.

Nik has issued a series of letters, stating his “terms” for fighting Penn. I don’t get it. I really don’t. Ask a casual who B.J. Penn is and they will more than likely have some knowledge of him. Ask the same question about Nik and I would wager you would get a response of “who?”

So, what is he playing at? You have been given an opportunity. A legend who you despise, who hasn’t fought for a while and in their last few fights wasn’t anywhere close to their peak, wants to fight you. This is your golden ticket, don’t let them give it to Denis Siver instead. Sign the damn contract and laugh all the way to the bank!

I mentioned in my last blog that I got an article published on a website. I have just submitted a second, so fingers crossed. Anyway I asked the site if there was anything in particular they wanted me to write about and was told that I should try and get some interviews with some fighters prior to their fight. This is proving exceedingly difficult without a large back catalogue of articles. I’m not complaining, I understand the prep to a fight is exhaustive. Why give some “nobody” an interview?

I will continue writing and hope that eventually I become a “somebody”. In the meantime, I will just have to keep contacting fighters and their management teams and hope someone pulls the trigger.

But if you are a pro fighter, have a fight coming up and for some strange reason are reading my random ramblings, get in contact! I won’t be a “dick”, in fact I will more than likely completely fan girl. As an example Invicta fighter, Lacey Schuckman retweeted my article and I was over the moon. As an added bonus, if you let me interview you, you will get to see my terrible public speaking skills. Ask anyone who saw my wedding speach and they will tell you how funny it was!


Moving away from MMA, I returned to the grind of working out recently. Leg day on Thursday. My thighs are still feeling it today. I gotta tell you, working out with the extreme sleep deprivation that a new born provides is tough work. I am having to force myself to do it and I am 100% sure that I am not giving my best assessment of myself.

Should be interesting next week, I intend to return to Judo. I am really not sure how that is going to work. If my daughter keeps me up, how am I going to be able to concentrate on throwing someone? Maybe I will just have to force myself!

I have always been a little bit of a comic book geek; it’s an escape from reality for me. I kinda want to live in a world where people like the Joker actually exist. The only thing is, I would probably be open to a doing a “Harley Quinn” and turning to his side! Just to clarify, I wouldn’t want to sleep with him, but I can relate to the evil side of things. Some people get on my nerves!

Anyway, the Suicide Squad trailer was released recently. I am not sure whether I am excited by it or not? The problem is two fold; firstly Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I’m not sure if she will be a success. Having watched the trailer and the teaser, she looks like she has embodied the role to an extent, her “we’re bad guys, that’s what we do” line was delivered quite well. Hopefully when I actually watch the film, she maintains it.

The main problem, to me at least, is the Joker. Jack Nicholson is a great actor, he played the Joker really well. The Gotham TV series (more on that in a bit) has introduced us to, Cameron Monaghan who I personally think is doing a great job as a young Joker. Of course though, the definitive Joker to me is Heath Ledger. Still cannot believe it was 8 years this week since his death. Heath became the Joker. He made you feel like you could taste his odor. The yellow teeth, greasy hair, it all gave the impression of a man who didn’t give a monkey’s.

Heath’s performance though is what makes me apprehensive. Jared Leto is taking on the Joker role. Jared seems to live his roles. He lived as “Rayon”, a woman, for Dallas Buyers Club, waxing his eyebrows and legs on a regular basis. The problem is, not that Jared is a bad actor, because I think he is, the problem is Heath was the Joker. What I’ve seen of Jared’s Joker so far, I haven’t been impressed with. Time will tell whether it turns out to be a flop or not.

I mentioned the Gotham series briefly above. I watched the first series and was mildly impressed. The Joker episode was fairly good; Robin Lord Taylor is very good as the Penguin. The finale of season one was exactly what I was hoping for, action packed and suspenseful. Season two has kicked off in similar fashion and has kept me fully engaged. This is mainly down to the new Joker. He is not quite on the Ledger stakes, but he is doing a fine job of being a young Joker. The scene where he kills his henchman, purely because the henchman stole the Joker’s line was top quality and is 100% what I can imagine the Joker doing. I cannot wait to watch the third episode.

On a final note, I have never been to Comic Con. Mainly ‘cause I didn’t have anyone to go with and because I didn’t know they had them in the UK. A rookie mistake by a self proclaimed geek! Luckily both problems have been rectified, because I have been told that Comic Con is in Reading (and indeed all over the country) and I have turned my wife into a little bit of a geek. YAY! Now for the important questions, do I go dressed up or not? If dressed as who? Decisions, decisions.

Carpe Diem Guys

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