The Akward Truths of Parenting A Threenager – Part 2

Hi Guys and Girls… one of my favourite recent posts was my Akward Truths of Parenting A Threenager. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Dad. It is the most rewarding “job” (for want of a better word) in the world. It makes me genuinely happy when I come home from a rubbish day at the […]


The Akward Truths Of Parenting A Threenager

Hi Guys and Girls, Being a parent is a very hard job. Especially when you have two of them and one is a threenager. My boy is going through a stage which all kids do… “No”. Genuinely irritating. With that in mind, here are some of my biggest irritations with parenting… 1. Swearing I have […]

The Spirit is Willing

Hi Guys & Girls, Yay! I’m finally back on my self imposed schedule. I owe it all to being prepared. I finished posting Sunday’s and started work on this one immediately. Hopefully a sign of things to come! In August 2006, Matt Serra was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter season 4, titled “The Comeback”. […]

Oh Well Whatever, Nevermind

Hi Guys and Girls, Another long week, my kids seriously must hate me sleeping when I’m on shift.less than 4 hours for three of my four days! Let’s start with the customary MMA section. I gambled for the first time in a long time. I was never a gambler, I always, always used to lose. […]


Hi Guys & Girls, So it’s been a tough period, lack of sleep, coupled with a return to work after illness and an overtime shift. All in all I am quite exhausted… Nevertheless the show must go on, so lets start with MMA as has become customary. For weeks, I have said that April (from […]

Return of the Grind?

Hi Guys & Girls, It’s been a strange week, I’ve been blocked by two random people (that I know of) on Twitter. So, I seem to have my first haters! Yay! Let’s move on to MMA, at UFC 196, Miesha Tate defeated Holly Holm and became the new Women’s Bantamweight champion. So who deserves the […]

Do You Feel The Tip?

Hi Guys & Girls, I have made no secret that my favourite UFC Heavyweight fighter is Cain Velasquez. He was due to have his rematch for the title at UFC 196. Unfortunately he had pulled out injured which I am bitterly disappointed about, for more on Cain, you can visit my article for FeelTheTip Sports. […]