Freak Shows

Hi Guys & Girls, These last few days have been tough, extremely tough with family issues, which I won’t go into. Anway, there has been some interesting goings on to discuss. Let start with MMA as is customary! I wrote an article for my website, theorizing on Bellator. I can’t quite decide whether they are […]

Monster Laid to Rest

Hi Guys & Girls, This week’s been an interesting one. With writer’s block in the first half, the loss of a great mixed martial artist and a fair few soccer (sucker) punches! Let’s start with MMA seeing as its my favourite subject. With the passing of “The Monster” Kevin Randleman, we lost a MMA legend […]

Return Of The Shark

Hi Guys & Girls, A couple of days ago, it was eight weeks since my 3rd wedding anniversary. On that night, Interim Featherweight Champion, Conor McGregor fought longtime Champ Jose Aldo. I’m sure you know the outcome, but 13 seconds after it began, Jose was no longer the kingpin. Recently “Scarface” took to social media […]

Controversially Illiterate

Hi Guys & Girls, Let’s start with MMA this week. I said I would rewatch UFC 195 and I did. I’m afraid I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon. Carlos Condit won the fight in my opinion, I gave Round 1 to Condit. 2 to Lawler. 4 to Condit and 5 to Lawler. […]

Ruthless Syndicate

Hi Guys & Girls, It’s 2016! Merry New Year! Check out Trading Places the Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd film if you don’t get that reference. Have you guys made any New Years Resolutions? I did several years ago, it was to never make another resolution. I always find it’s quite easy to break them! […]

Award Season

Hi Guys & Girls, There are now 360 sleeps till Christmas! Yay! This was a great Christmas for me and my family. We had the birth of our daughter. Which is one of the greatest gifts we could have received. There are 16 years between me and my brother. I never quite liked the gap […]

Sacrosanct Institution?

Hi Guys & Girls, I’m gonna talk Social Media and I apologise in advance, this is a long one. One of the posts on my Twitter time line said that they hate people who “take social media too seriously”. You know what I agree with that statement to an extent. But there are certain things […]

Infamously Injured

Hi Guys & Girls, My fitness is on hold for a couple of days due to injury. I woke up Sunday morning with an intense pain in my neck and shoulders. It hasn’t gone away since. Holding any kind of weight in my hand (let alone a dumbbell) really hurts, so I figure I’d be […]

Grow a Mo, Save a Bro

Hi Guys & Girls, A more unusual topic today but one that is very important to me. Movember! The beard has had to be shaved… again. Whilst the moustache is finally starting to grow. Yay! I look ridiculous, like some prepubescent waiting for his first shave. Believe me, I feel it too. I believe I […]