Leave Out All the Rest

Hi Guys & Girls, In 2008 during their Minutes to Midnight tour, I had tickets to go and see a Linkin Park gig. Unfortunately my stomach instead decided I would spend two nights in hospital and miss the gig. Bloody stomach! Grrr! Sadly, I never got another opportunity to go see them. As usual there […]


What’s Loyalty Got To Do With It?

Hi Guys & Girls, Do you consider yourself loyal? I do, probably to a fault. I’m not talking about relationships, which just for the record I have never cheated on a partner and don’t intend to start anytime soon! Work wise I’m not massively loyal. My loyalty was always for sale to the highest bidder […]


Catastrophic Loss & Recovery

Hi Guys & Girls, August 5th. That was the last time I wrote anything for this site. Its funny ’cause nothing much has changed since then but at the same time, everything has.  In the past I’ve been in blogger twitter chats that discuss whether you sugar coat posts, I always said I did because […]

You Go Back To Her & I’ll Go Back to… Orange?

Hi Guys and Girls, I used to be an avid subscriber to Netflix. “Couldn’t get enough of that wonderful Duff” as Homer Simpson would say. Unfortunately the rising cost of bills coupled with one income, put paid to my regular subscription. Every now and then I’ll re-sign up and watch some bits or get offered […]

Love is Love

Hi Guys and Girls, I wasn’t going to pass comment on the situation in the States, mainly because religion, politics and sexuality are the most controversial and hotly contested topics in the world. I sit in the office at work, each and every time one of these subjects are brought up, I get tense ’cause […]

Yeezy Like Sunday Morning

Hi Guys & Girls, My main man Kanye West (just joking I can’t stand the man) was on the Ellen show recently. It was hilarious to watch in an extremely cringe worthy kind of way. The really sad thing about it was I kind of agree with some of the things he said about changing […]

Quarantined Automatron

Hi Guys and Girls, The last few days have been interesting. I’ve been signed off work due to illnesses and my kids still are ill too. It’s like quarantine here! When I first started doing writing and ultimately interviews for FeelTheTip Sports, I drew up a list in my head of fighters that I really […]


Hi Guys & Girls, This week has been a tough one. I’ve been ill and so, so tired. So tired in fact that I missed my first blog post without warning anyone. Oops. I’m sorry guys, I will be better! After missing the post there were birthday preparations, the birthday party and indeed Mothers Day […]

Hello From The Other Side

Hi Guys & Girls, Sometimes in the fight game, you have to say “bloody hell”. UFC London contained one of the biggest clusterfucks in all of my time watching fights. The main event featured Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping. The home country hero, Bisping, had been campaigning for this fight for quite some time.  Round […]


Hi Guys & Girls, The last few days have been uneventful from a personal perspective, but there’s a couple of interesting things to discuss. Well the unthinkable happened this week, my most anticipated fight of the year so far was called off. Rafael dos Anjos pulled a “sickie”. Although his is a legitimate foot injury, […]