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Hi Guys & Girls,

My name is Paul Jacob, I am 30, wow first time I’ve typed that and it looks weird. I am a blogger, probably somewhere between pointless blogger and a mixed martial arts blogger. I have covered most topics on this blog and will do continue to cover any and all topics that interest me. I also write articles and interview fighters for FeelTheTip sports, where I am the main MMA correspondent – god help them!

I was born in Isleworth, Middlesex in the UK and was raised on the mean streets of Heston, Feltham and Hounslow. My family are nomadic! I now have two beautiful children and an amazing, beautiful, yet long suffering wife! We have set up shop in the ghetto of Berkshire and are attempting to bring a touch of class to the area – or drag it down if you believe the naysayers…

My fashion sense tends to be like a MMA fighter (before weigh ins) mixed with comic book humour. Blue jeans, Converse trainers, a Homer Simpson tee and a Metal Mulisha hoody are regular staples of my attire.

Most of my spare time – aside from being dad and hubby – is dedicated to MMA, watching, researching, practising and writing. I am obsessed! Outside of that I tend to spend time weight training, catching up on the latest episode of The Simpsons, The Walking Dead or Gotham.

I also have a keen interest in comic books, my 30th birthday party was Batman themed (pity my wife who had to create the cakes). I’m majorly looking forward to the next instalments of Captain America and the X-Men films.

Anything else you want to know will probably lie within my posts, if not give me a shout and I will do my best to answer!


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